Monday, December 1, 2014

State of Our House Address: November in review

November was so relaxing and fantastic. I kind of want to re-live it!

Early in November, a friend and her son came to play. Bug loves play dates! Later in the month, we went to their house to play.

A friend watched Bug for us so we could have a date night. We had a blast picking out her stocking stuffers and having dinner together. Bug had a great time playing with our friend and her children.

We decorated our home for Christmas, and Bug did a great job helping! She caught on very quickly to hanging ornaments on the tree. Earlier in the season, I made a Christmas activity for her and just put it up in November. It's super easy to make and gives Bug the chance to decorate her own tree over and over and over again.

Bug has an appetite like no other and will eat everything in sight. Since we let her run around all day, she needs to eat often so she can keep her energy up! She's so cute when she eats so most of our pictures are of her eating :)

We live in Michigan, and it snows a lot here. I love winter, but Bug is still warming up to the idea. We got a few inches a week or so before Thanksgiving. Jason took her out, but she sat down in the snow and refused to move. We have some work to do there! It didn't really snow again, but I'm sure it will in December.

We usually stay home for Thanksgiving because it's a nice day to relax and play together. We cooked a pretty simple feast, and it took hardly any effort! Later in the day, we surprised my parents with a visit. I didn't want to tell anyone we might come because it was literally a "let's see how we feel and how Bug is" kind of thing. It was nice to visit. After Thanksgiving, we spent most of the weekend at home, baking, cooking and eating. Yum!

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