Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Saving the Moola: November in review

We saved a ton of money this month, but we also spent a ton of money this month.

Once the new baby arrives, we plan to move Bug to a convertible car seat. To do that, we needed a convertible car seat. Since the summer, I have been looking at car seats online. I finally decided on one from It was $160 normally, and I added it to a wish list so I could monitor its price. The weekend before Thanksgiving, the price dropped that weekend only to $116.99. I purchased it then and saved us quite a bit!

We had been looking at getting Veggie Tales' All the Shows Volume 1 for a family Christmas present this year. This volume is normally $49.99, so it was definitely a pricey gift, but one we would use again and again and all enjoy together. The week before Thanksgiving, the entire Veggie Tales website (minus a few select items) went on sale 40% off and free shipping. I was still committed to getting just the one volume, but that was one of the select items not on sale. So for $41.99, I purchased Volumes 1 and 2 together. I paid less for both than I would've for one!

Bug loves eating at the table with us in her booster seat!
Also on our list for Bug was a booster seat for the dining room table. I wanted one that not only just strapped her into the seat but also one that strapped onto the seat. These kinds of seats can be kind of pricey. When I shared some of the things we were looking for on my personal Facebook page, a friend quickly offered up her son's booster seat for us to have... for free! I'm so thankful for generous friends, and Bug loves being in her new seat. We took her high chair to my parents' house so she has something she can use there, and we'll get a space-saver high chair that can convert to a booster seat once the new baby is ready for that.

It's a really long story (and complicated), but I found myself in need of more/extra maternity clothes. Thankfully, Motherhood Maternity online was running a special buy two, get one free on all their pieces, plus free shipping. I bought a pair of jeans, a nightgown/robe set and a hoodie. Their items are pricey, but I saved a bunch of money by shopping at the right time.

Jason didn't tutor at all this month, but he picked up several mystery shopping assignments. We all enjoyed the free food, and all the money he earns is going toward a Boba carrier for the new baby.

Bug had several play dates this month; we went to two different friends' houses and they all served us dinner. We had a friend and her son over this month, and they brought things to cook us dinner! We're very blessed and so thankful for good people in our lives!

Jason and I have been so prudent to complete Bing and Swagbucks activities each day. We spend very little time on this, but the time we do spend is quite enjoyable. I don't know why we like it so much, but we do. We also run Perk on our iPod (which is technically broken but can be used for running Perk and things like that). With money we earned, we bought 100 breast milk storage bags, three bottles for the new baby, the newest Pentatonix Christmas CD and a tube of Burt's Bees diaper cream (the best diaper cream we've used!). Our cost out of pocket was $0. I will also tell you we have a *ton* of items that will be arriving in our December order. We've really been working these programs and are so happy with all the items we've been able to get! It makes a huge difference in our budget.

We're not huge day-after-Thanksgiving shoppers, but we did take advantage of a sale going on at Babies R Us. Diapers and wipes were on sale for $10 a box. We bought the maximum allowed limit for each item.

I also make a point of shopping at CVS during the week of Thanksgiving. We've spent $13 out of pocket so far and got 2 candy bars, a box of cereal, 2 bottles of laundry detergent, 9 rolls of paper towel, a travel package of wipes, toothpaste, Combos, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, canned green peas, and a bottle of VitaminWater. So far, that works out to just 65 cents per item, which is a great deal on all of those items.

I cut Jason's hair, and he gave me a pedicure (minus polish). We made lots of turkey stock from our Thanksgiving turkey. I've been really prudent to use our cloth TP as much as possible, to the point that I really think I will need to make more. Now that Bug is using a napkin at dinner, I can see I will also need to make more cloth napkins in the future. I made a bunch when she was born in anticipation of this, but now with another little on the way, I'll need to make about 8 more.

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