Monday, November 3, 2014

State of Our House Address: October in review

October is always a special time of year for our family because we have much to celebrate!

Bug finished up her swimming lessons this month. We're all sad to see them end, but very excited about everything we learned. We're looking forward to summer when we can continue teaching Bug the things we learned in a bigger pool of water. For now, we're doing what we can in the bath tub at home.

Like mama, like daughter: she loves to be tucked in and reading a good book....
and she loves reading her books when they are upside down!
We did quite a bit of traveling - we visited my parents once and Jason's mom and stepdad once. A dinosaur (aka chicken) pecked at Bug and scared the living daylights out of her. Honestly, one pecked me over my clothes and it was still frightening. They are such weird creatures! I do love eating the eggs, though. So does Bug!

Bug has graduated to eating at the table with us. Here, she's sitting on a
makeshift booster seat, made of books and a towel. It's so much fun eating all together
at the table, as opposed to her being in a high chair. Bug loves it!
For our four-year wedding anniversary, we went to dinner solo in town. It was really nice, but oh my, how we miss our Bug when she's not with us! We came home very quickly. For my 30th birthday, we had a family date and went to a big mall in another town. Bug loved getting pushed in the stroller and had quite a time playing in the play area. We plan to visit that mall again very soon - I hear a Frozen castle will be built there for the holiday season!

Bug loves to fry food up in her skillet. That night's offering was fried green beans.
She also likes frying strawberries and bananas :)
We traveled to a little town north of us to visit their downtown area. We had so much fun walking around downtown. Bug even walked some of the way, while holding our hands. We visited a huge Christmas store and picked out a few new ornaments.

Bug loved walking around downtown. I promise - Jason is not
in a bad mood here; the sun was just SO bright. I don't think
he even knew I was taking a pic. Notice how much Bug
does not care it is bright outside. She is one happy girl!
In all honestly, we weren't home so much this month. I know I say it all the time, but November really is going to be a month we stay home more (I'm making sure of it myself!). Either way, we all had a blast in October and I'm loving the cooler temperatures, cozy sweaters, hot tea, warm blankets and good books.

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