Wednesday, October 1, 2014

State of Our House Address: September in review

We made it a point to stay home more this month and it made a huge difference in our attitudes. We also made it a point to stay close to home when we did go out; mostly we stayed in town.

Before I share all of our other fun September news, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the big news we shared this month! We are expecting another addition to the family. Bug was all too happy to share the news all over Facebook and texts with this photo:

A friend took the pic above and a whole bunch of other pics since Bug turned 18 months in September. Here a few more lovely pictures;

The company I work for hosted a picnic. Bug had a good time playing with the other kids, and Jason and I enjoyed seeing her play. Lots of food was provided and Bug scarfed down (as did we). It was a good time.

Bug started swimming lessons this month. The water is a bit colder for her than I would prefer, but it was fine for me and Jason. Bug's teacher commented right away how comfortable Bug was in the water and thought it was funny how much she loves splashing. We're working on scooping and kicking right now. The lessons have proved very helpful in just giving Jason and I items to focus on next summer in the pool. They will continue through October.

We adore fall, and one of our favorite fall activities is visiting the local apple orchard. We picked honey crisp apples, and while Bug went with us last year, this year, she was walking around and helping to actually pick the apples. She also managed to take actual bites out of an apple, which is kind of impressive considering the girl only has 4 teeth.

The weather has been so gorgeous here and Bug and Jason have played so hard this month. Each week, they went to the library and the park multiples times. We also had two play dates at friends' house.

Jason and I went on a date night at the end of the month. It is always nice to spend some time together and focus on our marriage... and to be honest, just spend a few hours in silence! Since we personally prefer to stay with babies until they are older, our date nights are limited. Once the new baby arrives, we won't be going on date nights again for at least a year. We're making it a point to make the best of our date nights while we have them!

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