Friday, October 17, 2014

A Day in the Life of a SAHD

This is a recording of Jason's day on Thursday, October 16th. We both had fun with this as he recorded his day on a Google doc and I could read what he was doing while I was at work. It gave me great insight as to why exactly the house is always messy when I get home...

7:00 AM
I wake up, feed Preston and start making lunch for my wife.

7:15 AM
Bug is stirring, so I deliver a bottle of milk to her in bed and return to the kitchen to continue making Jess' lunch.

7:19 AM
Bug is fully awake and done with her milk, so I change her diaper and put her in morning play clothes.

7:24 AM
Bug and I head back to the kitchen to finish up Jess' lunch. We give Jess hugs and kisses as she leaves for work.

7:31 AM
Bug and I pick up some loose change. I start to record my day on Google Docs, then I earn my daily Swagbucks and Bing points. I also get distracted by clips of Jimmy Fallon's late night show.

7:52 AM
I chase Bug around the living room... just because it's fun. While she plays independently, I read a bit of my current book, which is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

8:22 AM
It's time to start cleaning the kitchen and get breakfast around for me and Bug. We eat strawberries.

8:44 AM
I declutter the living room and ask my daughter if she had anything to do with my wallet contents being spread all over the living room floor.

8:58 AM
I change Bug's diaper and put her down for a nap, then play on the computer and be generally unproductive.

9:39 AM
Christmas is coming quickly, and I need to finish a sewing project so I begin to work on that.

10:08 AM
My bobbin runs out of thread and when I get up to change it, I can hear Bug making Bug noises in the bedroom. I scoop her out of bed and get her a snack of yogurt and fresh water.

10:14 AM
Bug and I make bread dough.

10:28 AM
I brush Bug's hair while we watch a bit of the Lego movie, then I change her diaper.

11:15 AM
Time for lunch - it's spaghetti noodles and green beans today. I read her books while we eat. After lunch, we play with trucks in the living room, then pick up the kitchen from lunch.

12:15 PM
We watch a little bit more of the movie, then I put Bug down for a nap as she is obviously tired. She drinks a milk bottle and I change her diaper before officially laying her down.

12:45 PM
I return to my sewing project, determined to finish it. Jess calls shortly after 1 PM and the phone was in the room with Bug. Not smart. The ringing wakes her up.

1:55 PM
I change Bug's diaper and put her back down for a nap. She stays asleep this time (I also made sure the phone was not in the room with her), and while she's asleep, I finish the sewing project, bake potatoes and take a nap. Once she wakes up, I change her diaper, get her a snack (a pouch of apple mush), play with her in the living room, start dinner and Jess comes home from work.

5:28 PM
Dinner is finished. Bug is always ready to eat, and she loves to eat ketchup by the spoonful. Dinner today is a hot dog, French fries and green beans. We're using up leftovers and items from the pantry this week.

5:43 PM
During dinner, I run down to the apartment complex office to get a package before the office closed. After dinner, I give Bug a bath, then laugh as Bug runs around the house wrapped up in her hooded towel. I get her dressed for the evening and brush her hair again. I get her milk and water and tuck her into bed for cuddles with Jess and her bunny.

6:33 PM
I clean up the kitchen and dining area. After that, I do some work online and play with Bug.

7:40 PM
Bug is clearly getting tired so Jess and I finish up our nighttime routine with her, which includes changing her diaper, refilling her water bottles again, and tucking her in bed with hugs and kisses. After we tuck her into bed, I read some more of my book.

8:18 PM
I check on Bug and refill her water bottles, then get an apple for a snack. After finishing up some work online, I head down to the gym for my daily two-mile walk. I come back home, eat another snack, shower, brush my teeth, then head to bed around 10:30 PM. Good night!

While I found Jason's day to be generally productive, I am always happy to see how much time he spends engaging our girl in active play: learning, discovering and exploring. This is definitely why the house is messy when I come home - not only because they've been playing but because they've been playing, he has less time to clean. I'm good with that. 

Jason has great patience with Bug and includes her in his chores. This day was very light on household chores as we had picked up the house and cleaned really well on Wednesday night. Jason was able to use time he would've spent on laundry and cleaning to finish a sewing project and take time for himself. Not every day is like this, but this gives you a glimpse into what he did yesterday.

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