Friday, August 1, 2014

State of Our House Address: July in review

July was such a month of transition for us, and I'm really glad we're settling into our new routines - Jason staying home with Bug and me at my new job.

By mid-month, Jason had officially said goodbye to his employer and co-workers. It was rough with both of us working full-time, but we enlisted the help of his mom and my mom so they each watched Bug one day a week. We also hired a teenager to take care of Bug one day. She attends our church and from what I hear, is very nice. I was unable to meet with her before she took care of Bug, but Jason completed the preliminaries with her and I trust his judgment.

While both of us were working, we also cat sat for a family who was going out of town. It was for 13 days and we went over every day to pet the kitties, feed them, clean their litter, etc. Thankfully, their house is just a few miles from my work, so it was easy for me to do it before or after work. Jason and Bug did it on days they took me to work, and Bug had a great time playing with the toys at their house.

My mom's side of the family used to hold family reunions at the county park in another town, and I remember there was an awesome water park as part of the county park. I was determined to take Bug and Jason, so on what ended up being a very cold day in July (high of 73), we headed out to the park. The water was beyond frigid, but Bug had an amazing time. She was shivering a lot, so we left the water park sooner than expected, but it was well worth the trip. We also played on the play structures at the park.

We started out for home but were really craving hot dogs because everyone had been grilling them at the park. Once we hit the next town over, we saw a bunch of signs for a free family fun fair at a local church. We decided to go and agreed if it was lame, we would just ditch.

My goodness, it ended up the best.time.ever. The entire fair was free, and there was so much there! There were several bounce hairs and inflatables, a fire truck for kids to sit in plus a real fire outfit to put on, several games, an arts and crafts tent, pony rides and more. Lunch was also served for free!

We all had an amazing time. When Jason was little, he wanted to be a firetruck when he grew up. While he and Bug were in the firetruck, he said, "Get a picture of me steering!" He talked about the fire truck pretty much the whole way home.

July is one of my favorite months because it means blueberries are ready to be picked (and eaten). It is much easier to pick blueberries without a toddler, so Jason and I each went a couple of times solo. Jason and Bug also went together for fun and Bug had a great time picking blueberries. She enjoyed picking ones off the bushes and off the ground.

Bug has grown so much, it makes my heart hurts. She walks everywhere and is one of the most active toddlers I know. I love it! She's almost running now, which is pretty cool. We have quite the little helper in Bug. She loves to hang laundry on the dryer racks, unload the bottom half of the dishwasher and color pictures.

Our garden has yielded a couple of carrots so far. There are no strawberries and at this point, I'm not sure we will get any. We have several tomatoes growing, and our jalapeno pepper plants turned out to be bell pepper plants. They were given to us for free and honestly, we're pretty stoked they are bell pepper plants. Quite a few peppers are growing. Our marigolds are growing crazily. Bug has been a pretty good helper in the garden. She likes to pet the plants and play in the dirt when I water the plants.

We have made good headway financially on some of our goals. We purchased a new computer which we desperately needed, and it's made all our lives better and less stressful. We have been working the envelope system faithfully, and we're more committed to it than ever before. We each get blow money each month and I still have some left in my envelope. It probably helps that I'm too busy to spend money! We've been blessed continually with odd jobs for Jason that he loves and food and other benefits (like free pizzas, food, gift cards, childcare for Bug when needed, etc.). Our emergency fund is a little low at the moment from where we normally keep it, so our goal right now is to work it back up again while buying the things we've been putting off, like a bike trailer for Bug.

It was a pretty full month between all the activities and working so much, and I'm not sure August is going to be any less busy, but my hope is that as the months pass, we continually settle into our new routine. Soon, it will be fall and by default, things will slow down because we won't be able to swim anymore. I'm praying you all have a great August!

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