Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ornament of the Month: Felt Cross

One thing I love about Christmas is that it literally is for Christ. It is the celebration of Christ's birthday. To fully celebrate that and teach my child about Christmas, I love having things to signify Christ around the house at Christmas. I have several cross ornaments, but none that I had made myself. I set out to change that with this ornament. This is a very simple but profound ornament and I truly hope you make it this year for your tree. It's a sweet ornament with a sad but joyous story.

Here's what you need to make this felt cross ornament: 
  • White or purple felt 
  • Red heart buttons
  • Red embroidery thread 
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Scissors 
  • Cross template
Here's how you make this felt cross ornament: 
  1. Print out the cross template and cut it out. 
  2. Cut out felt for your ornament. You will need two felt pieces per one ornament. 
  3. Using needle and thread, sew one red heart button on the front felt cross. 
  4. Sew a loop on the back cross piece. 
  5. Pin the two crosses together and using a straight stitch, sew the two crosses together.
It is truly wonderful that God sent His only Son to Earth for us. Can you imagine such a thing? It reminds me of Abraham and his son on the hill. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son for God. At the last second, God saved Abraham and his son from that fate. Sometimes, I wish God could have spared His Son, too. But I know Jesus had a greater fate than that Cross that day. His fate was to save all of us. The red heart symbolizes the blood He shed that day, but also the overwhelming and immense love He has for us. I'm so thankful that He came to Earth for us, that He lived for us and that He died for us. Thank you, God, for all your wonderful blessings.

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