Monday, August 18, 2014

Life & Style: The What, How + Why Behind a Success Notebook, Part 2

You can catch up on what a success notebook is in this post here.

Once you have your success notebook set up, you're officially ready to take action on the behaviors, attitudes and actions you've determined are what makes a person (aka YOU!) successful.

But to just look at your list can be incredibly overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you take any action and get where you want to be?

It's time to break down each successful action into bite-sized chunks. If you've determined that a successful mother will have her child potty trained by 2 (this is something that is in my success notebook under mothering), you can't just start today and your child will be potty trained tomorrow... at least not at this early age.

Instead, I broke down this successful action into small actions. Jason assists a lot with this particular action as he is the primary care-giver of Bug while I'm at work. We are slowly building up how many times we put Bug on her potty each day. We also avidly listen to and watch her cues as she is notoriously helpful for letting us know either when she needs to go potty or when she has recently gone.

We have routinely always put Bug on her potty once per day. Starting in early August, we starting putting her on her potty twice per day. Each week, we up how many times a day we put her on her potty. We sign potty to her, we say potty to her, etc.

If, as another example, you want to read 52 books this year, that means you need to read 1 book a week. Once you know which book you're reading for the current week, you can break down the book goal even further by figuring out how many pages or chapters you need to read each day to stay on track.

In essence, each week, you're going to create goals. Your goals will directly come from your success categories. For instance, my goals list often includes these items:
-Read 1 book
-Read 7 books with Bug
-Complete a couple of crafts
-Play a game with Jason

Each week, I write my goals list down in my success notebook. I also share my weekly goals on our Facebook page as a way to hold myself accountable. Honestly, this really helps me stick to my goals. When I share my goals with our community, it helps me continue on with my goals, even when I don't really want to.

Writing down my goals helps me stay focused (most of the time). I check them off as the week goes on, and seeing my progress always spurs me on.

Your goals list for each week may not include something from every category in your success notebook. It's important to keep the goals list aspiring, but achievable. You don't want to wear yourself ragged just trying to achieve goals. The point is to have fun and enjoy life, too! I make it a point to include fun activities on my goals list, and this is a great reminder that I can complete goals and make progress and that includes building memories with my family.
Now it's time to make your goals list and get started on achieving all the successes you've set your sights on!

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