Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In the Kitchen with Jason: Cookbook Challenge

Recently, I have been thinking about the quantity of cookbooks we own and how few of recipes that we have made from each book. This led me to challenge myself to cook through an entire cookbook, front to back. I had doubts if I would be able to actually do such a feat, but Jess (and all of you) helped encourage me to actually get going.

There was never a question of which cookbook I would cook through. For my cookbook challenge, I will be cooking through David Venable's cookbook, In the Kitchen with David. The observant of you will notice that the cookbook's name has a strong resemblance to the name of this column and that is for a reason. David hosts a twice weekly segment called In the Kitchen with David on QVC, where he talks about cooking, sells kitchen gadgets (it is QVC, after all), and has a generally good time. It was his show that made me remember that I really liked to cook and it had a big influence on me in regards to this column.

After deciding to do it, the biggest hurdle was to actually decide how fast or slow to do it. I settled on one recipe per week. This will give me enough time to make each recipe, write a post and prepare for the next week as well. I didn't want to go crazy and do a new recipe a day which would leave no time for life.

I will attempt to stay as true to the recipes as possible, but sometimes I may make substitutions or small changes due to the realities of my kitchen. I will post the original recipes with notes about what I changed so you will be able to better decide what you would like to do. Also, I have already posted a couple of dishes from the cookbook: peanut butter banana muffins and beef stroganoff with buttered noodles. Feel free to check those out now while I prepare my first recipe post.

Speaking of, my first recipe post for the challenge will be "ultimate macaroni and cheese." I hope you're hungry!

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