Friday, April 4, 2014

Saving the Moola: March in review

I have so many exciting things to report! First, I have a job! I'm so excited. Well, I'm excited for what this will mean for us financially. I am definitely not excited to be apart from my family 5 days a week. The job actually has a career path, which is definitely new to me. At my previous job, I had really gone as far as one could go (which wasn't very far), and Jason's job doesn't really provide a career path of any sort. So assuming this all works out and I excel at my job and love it, eventually, Jason can stay home with Bug. That's the "plan" but we all know how plans work out, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Our emergency fund is quite low right now. We used some of our savings to get us through March and we'll have to use some to get through April. I'm also going to use some of our savings to get a proper work wardrobe. Since I primarily worked from home before, I didn't really have one, plus the office environment at my previous job was very casual. My new job is a bit more business casual and even though I'm sad to have to spend money, I'm also very excited for new clothes!

We were very, very frugal in March because we had to be. My unemployment was over and we didn't have enough money from income to pay bills. Thankfully, Jason continues to tutor his student and he completed so many mystery shopping assignments. I actually got a little sick of eating out - not a bad problem to have!

We paid off our car loan in March. This was really exciting and one of the highlights of the month.

Here are some of the things we did to save money in March:
  • We gave each other pedicures. 
  • I cut Jason's hair. 
  • I used a flashlight with rechargeable batteries to read at night. 
  • We ate a lot of leftovers and cleaned out the pantry and freezer. 
  • We kept the heat turned down low (usually about 65). 
  • We price checked before shopping for garden supplies and saved a ton of money by making smart potting soil choices. We also got a killer deal on strawberry planters. 
  • I started making my own dishwasher detergent again and found a new recipe I love (and will be posting soon). 
  • I was on a sugar fast for most of the month and this saved us money in terms of not using baking supplies.
  • We made it a point to stay home except for work. If we left for errands, we combined them.
  • We printed needed documents at the library for free.
  • We hung our clothes on racks to dry.
  • We make cupcakes for Bug's birthday instead of buying a cake.
I'm anxious to start work officially and settle into our new normal. And I'm really glad our financial situation is turning around.

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