Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beauty Fix: my new favorite hand moisturizer is...

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My hands get seriously dry during the winter. We live in Michigan, so this is pretty much expected, but when they're so dry, they're cracked and bleeding, I'm not happy.

A friend recently told me she used coconut oil on her hands, and this was enough motivation for me to give coconut oil a go. We keep coconut oil in our pantry for baking and cooking uses (it's one of our favorite oils to use, honestly), so I just scooped a little bit out with a spoon and applied it to my skin.

I loved it. My hands not only instantly had relief, but they were noticeably less dry the next day. Now that I've been using coconut oil for a while, I've learned some tips and tricks:

  • You don't need a spoon to scoop the oil out, however, if the tub is fairly empty, it will be difficult to get your hand down to get some out. A spoon does make it easier. 
  • Coconut oil is greasy, so don't plan on doing too much once you apply it. In general, I find all lotion is greasy, too, so I always apply lotions at the end of the day. I'll read a physical book in bed, but that's about it. If you do want to be active after applying the oil, buy a pair of spa gloves to slip over your hands. 
  • The oil instantly made my hands feel better, but I find I have to apply it every day for continued relief and improvement. This could just be because of where I live and all the hand washing and other things I do. I also do read a lot, and paper is very drying. It depends on your lifestyle how often you'll need to apply the oil. 
  • Most coconut oil tubs will recommend you place the tub in warm water to liquefy it. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. You do not need to place the tub in water to liquefy it, though. Just scoop a little out and start rubbing it into your skin. It will liquefy all on its own because your skin is warm. 
  • You don't really need a separate tub for cooking and skincare, but I find it's handy to have separate tubs. This way, you can keep one tub in the pantry and one tub on your nightstand. 
Coconut oil is very cost effective and will last a really long time. You only need a small amount, about a quarter of a teaspoon, to moisturize both hands. This is the exact tub I use: 

I'm not sure I will ever try another moisturizer again! 

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