Monday, March 17, 2014

A Day in the Life

7:58 AM: I cuddle with Bug and get her re-settled in bed. While she sleeps, I complete daily Swagbucks activities and watch a video on YouTube.

9:00 AM: I wake Bug up for the day. Generally speaking, I don't believe in waking babies, but Bug is a year old now and if I let her, she'd stay up til midnight and sleep til noon. And that just doesn't work for me (or most people, I'm betting). I make breakfast for everyone, and we eat. My breakfast is two scrambled eggs and a banana. After eating, I shower.

10:02 AM: I clean the kitchen. This involves unloading and loading the dishwasher, hand washing dishes, wiping down the counters, Bug's high chair tray and the dining room table and sweeping the floor.

10:21 AM: I feed Bug.

10:45 AM: I grab a few minutes to work on a sewing project.

10:55 AM: Bug's due for a diaper change, plus I haven't yet got her ready for the day. I change her diaper and pop her in a cozy outfit.

11:11 AM: I start a load of laundry, and after, I play with Bug.

11:30 AM: I grab another few minutes to finish a knitting project, pictured below. I am slowly working my way toward opening an Etsy shop. I will be making a few more of this knit earwarmer/headband that will be for sale in my shop. They will be priced at $5 (in case anyone wants to buy one now, you just let me know!).

11:48 AM: I make and eat lunch (lunch for me is cottage cheese, strawberries and tortilla chips). While eating lunch, I read a few pages of my book.

12:03 PM: I feed Bug sweet potatoes. She's not the best at eating. She has somewhat developed an eating disorder, and it's been very trying for me (and her, I imagine). But we are making strides toward her not purging her food. Not only does she manage to eat quite a bit of sweet potatoes, she keeps it all down. YAY!

12:15 PM: Laundry is done, so I hang up the clothes to dry.

12:20 PM: I feel tired, so I sit down to read my book.

12:56 PM: Apparently, we're all tired. We all get settled down for a family nap.

3:11 PM: Bug wakes up crying and is obviously still exhausted. She's a really great napper. I get her re-settled in bed. She falls back asleep, but I feel fine now so I just read (I'm reading a really good book, if you can't tell, and just want to read all day long!).

3:55 PM: We're all up and ready to go on with our day. We pack ourselves up and head out to the library and Target. We love our library and there were a bunch of new board books in. We came home with quite the loot!

5:48 PM: We eat a quick dinner, then I declutter, feed Bug and watch a little bit of a movie.

8:06 PM: Jason wakes up (he sleeps a lot during the day because he works at night) to do potty time and bath time with Bug. I don't mind doing it with her, but it's probably one of my least favorite activities to do with her. I start working on a sewing project.

9:16 PM: All is quiet in the living room, so I sneak out to see what's up to find Jason and Bug sleeping together. So cute. I grab a snack and my book and spend the next couple of hours happily in bed reading. I haven't had a night like this in a long time. It's so refreshing!

11:02 PM: I wake Jason up so he can get ready for work and transfer Bug to our bed. She never wakes up. Jason gets ready for work and I join Bug in dreamland.

It was a really laid back day. We all needed this as it had been quite a hectic week - we traveled quite a bit for two job interviews I had and it was Bug's first birthday. This day was the perfect way to end a crazy week.

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