Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Saving the Moola: January in review

Nothing exciting really happened in January. I view that as a good thing! We had a few extra expenses in January. We paid for renter's insurance for another year and we renewed the tabs on our car.

Due to the weather we've been experiencing and also just because of our personalities, we stayed home a lot in January. We find the more we stay home, the less we spend. The more we stay home, the more content we feel and are.

I've been growing in my menu planning abilities and our grocery bill has decreased because of that. We've been intentional about freezer cooking each week, and when we make dinner, we make a huge casserole which will feed us for quite a few meals. This has helped not only save money but a lot of time, too.

Since we had more time on our hands, we've made good progress in working on projects around the house. I never thought I would have so many projects going at once, but I have different projects for different situations. I need portable projects, so that's where handwork comes in. I also usually have a sewing project going for when I have uninterrupted time. I work on sewing when Bug is asleep or when Jason is spending one-on-one time with her. Jason also has been working on projects around the house.

I no longer am working as a nanny for the family I was working for, which does mean a decrease in our income. Also, unless the government actually extends unemployment benefits, I will lose those soon, too. I could freak out, but I'm really just leaning on God and waiting for direction for the next phase of our lives. I've had a couple of opportunities come my way that I'm exploring. I'm just open to whatever He has planned for me, and Jason and Bug have been wonderful in supporting my dreams and hopes. Our family's motto has always been, "We'll make it work. We always do." And it's truly by the grace of God.

Our financial goals for February include filing our taxes. I suspect this will be a huge undertaking, much more so than any other year, but I'm excited to see what having a child in our lives means in terms of our refund! Our refund is usually pretty small, but I've heard having a child ups the refund. I'm praying February comes with good surprises and opportunities!

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