Friday, February 7, 2014

Life & Style: the most important thing I do to manage my time

Chores. We all have them. Yours, at least some of them, look differently than mine. I'll do some things that are not a priority for you. You'll do some things that aren't on my radar. But there are some basic chores most everyone has in common: laundry, cleaning the kitchen, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, showering, etc.

Jason has used chore lists for years. Once I found myself a stay-at-home mama, I wanted to be sure I was using my time as effectively as possible, and I also didn't want to neglect any housework. I wanted time to pursue my own interests, and I wanted to keep the house clean.

This post is mostly just serving as a way for you to see my chore charts, so you can create your own. I've found that I get more chores done now that I have charts. I keep the charts taped on a bedroom wall. I prefer the charts on paper rather than electronic. This way, I can see the charts and x things off, even when I'm not near an electronic device. Because let's face it, if I'm on an electronic device checking on my chores, I'm probably also perusing Pinterest and checking in on Facebook. That's a lot of time wasted!

I have four different charts:

Chores can be super hum-drum and quite often, annoying. But I hope this inspires and encourages you to track your progress throughout the day, week, month and year. I promise the charts will serve as a point of accountability for you.

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