Monday, February 17, 2014

A Day in the Life

By popular demand, I'm bringing back my Day in the Life series. I am chronicling Saturday, February 15 for you all here. 

6:26 AM: Bug is standing up in her crib and crying. I scoop her up and bring her back to bed with me. I feed her, and we both fall asleep.

8:05 AM: Jason comes home from work. We eat breakfast. Bug is still asleep. While she sleeps next to me, I start pinning ideas on Pinterest for her first birthday. I pin cupcake ideas mainly. I want to make a really yummy vanilla cupcake.

9:23 AM: I finally get up out of bed and start cleaning the house. I fold clothes from the dryer racks and start laundry.

9:48 AM: While I'm putting the diaper pail away, my phone rings... where Bug is sleeping in bed. Ah well. It was definitely time for her to get up anyway. This is very late for her to still be sleeping. Jason wakes up to snuggle and play with Bug while I chat with  my mom (who was the one who called).

10:43 AM: I clean out the fridge and hang up clean laundry on the dryer racks.

My laundry helper. She loves to pull it off the racks and put it back on. 
11:12 AM: While picking out my clothes for the day, I pick out all of our clothes for church on Sunday. This is a really good way to ensure Sunday mornings are smooth and we actually make it to church.

12:03 PM: Bug hangs out in the kitchen with me while I whip up some coconut bars. It's my first time trying the recipe. I end up doubling it because just one batch doesn't look like enough for what I was thinking.

12:23 PM: Bars are done and chilling in the fridge. I change Bug's diaper and feed her. We have a bit of play time, too.

12:38 PM: While Bug independently plays in the living room near my feet, I settle on the couch with my Bible and devotional. I also look for a muffin recipe on Pinterest.

12:53 PM: While I eat lunch, I read the latest issue of US Weekly. I signed up for the magazine for free somewhere on the internet. It is my guilty pleasure! Jason puts Bug and him down for a nap in the bedroom.

1:08 PM: I'm making muffins in the kitchen. Jason and Bug are both asleep.

1:29 PM: Muffins are now in the oven. While they bake, I load the dishwasher, wash dishes, clean counters, sweep the kitchen floor, write a couple of memories down for our memory jar and declutter. Once the muffins come out, I let them cool for a few minutes, then pop them on a cooling rack.

2:03 PM: Later, we're going out of the house. I'm pretty excited for this because I haven't been out of the house in over a week. We've all been sick, so Bug and I have basically been quarantined. I'm going a little cabin crazy so a grocery/shopping trip sounds wonderful. I write down our lists for where we're going and what our lists are for each store.

2:09 PM: It's time for a break. I refresh my water glass, grab a magazine and just sit and relax. Ahh.

2:32 PM: I work on cutting out pieces for sewing and crafting projects. In case I've never mentioned it before, cutting is the worst part. I love sewing and putting together crafts, but I really don't like cutting out pieces.

Preston usually likes to try to sabotage my crafting.
3:34 PM: Snack time! The muffins are very tasty.

4:08 PM: My girl is still asleep. I start cutting out pieces again and am just waiting for everyone to wake up, so we can get out of the house. I briefly consider running to the library on my own, then nix the idea. This ends up working out in my favor somewhat later on in the day...

Is it time to wake up?
Yes, I guess it is!
4:38 PM: Bug finally wakes up! I guess we're not going to the library since it closes in 22 minutes. Oh well! We all get ready to go out. We're eating dinner out - Jason's doing a mystery shop, and he and I both will get to eat for free. Bug doesn't have teeth yet and mainly just snacks on yogurt and other mushy food, like sweet potatoes. We just pack up milk for her to eat while we're out.

5:07 PM: We're in the car and on our way! We go to Sam's Club, Walmart and to a casual restaurant for dinner. Jason and I are both excited about what we found at Walmart. He bought a reversible belt for $12. His other belts are basically destroyed, and he badly needed a new brown and black one. This one is brown on one side and black on the other - perfect! I bought two shirts - one for spring/summer and one I can wear year-round. I paid $11 for the two shirts together. I wear pretty basic pieces, and these match what I love to wear perfect. One is a round-neck long-sleeved solid color shirt, and the other is a short-sleeved v-neck solid color shirt.

8:22 PM: We're home. I change Bug and put groceries and our other purchases away. I process that day's mail and guess what has arrived for me? I'm super honored to be part of Sheila Roberts' street team. And I don't have a new book to read right now since we never made it to the library, so the timing could not be better.

8:51 PM: I'm in my nightgown and settling in for the night. The Olympics are on, and I'm perusing magazines and reading my new book.

10:13 PM: Bug and I are snuggling in bed. I eat a salad and a banana, and we play patty cake in between bites. There are lots of giggling and hugs going on. I love my girl.

Bug ends up falling asleep a little later on, but I don't fall asleep before midnight. That's a little unusual, but Jason has the night off from work, so we spend quality time together. Normally, he'd already be at work, and I'd be asleep. The day was a little unusual in that we didn't need to cook any meals. That created a lot of extra time in my day. All in all, this day was incredibly successful and a lot of fun.


Rose said...

This sounds like an awesome Saturday! It's really cool of you to share like this. :)

Jess and Jason said...

It gives me a good excuse and reminder to take pics of my girl. I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

Webmaster said...

Sounds like the little one is staying awake more during the day, hope your enjoying every second of it.

Jess and Jason said...

Yes - she has officially transitioned to one nap a day. Her bedtime is in a varying stage right now, but is starting to get earlier again (I hope!). I enjoy having "help" with chores! She loves to "help" with laundry and anything in the kitchen.