Thursday, January 2, 2014

State of Our House Address: December in review

December was hopping! Even though we made a Christmas 2013 bucket list, we actually did not do everything we hoped to accomplish. This was mostly due to the fact that we had several gifts to finish in December, our tree's lights did not work for the majority of the month (and it takes a long time to switch out each individual light on a strand), I began a nanny position for a little boy, and Jason worked a lot of overtime and tutored two students.

It was a busy month. Can you tell? ;)

We did manage to drive around town and look at all of the beautiful light displays. Bug slept most of the time but Jason and I had a great time. We even had to use the four-wheel drive feature on our car on some of the roads. We live in an area with several lakes, and the houses on the lake roads are lived in by what I can only assume are wealthy people (I pray they are wealthy and not broke but pretending to be wealthy), so the lights are pretty impressive on those houses. But the roads are often windy and with no outlet, so they appear to not be plowed often. It got kind of dicey on one road, and I feared we wouldn't make it out, but we did!

Preston is having a little bit of a hard time accepting there's another baby in the house. Before Bug arrived, he took over her crib. Since she is here, he's given that up (smells too much like her, I reckon), but he really likes sleeping her car seat and stroller combo. It is really funny to see.

We made and decorated over 4 dozen sugar cookies and tried a few new recipes. We visited several relatives over the course of the month, particularly in the week of Christmas. Bug had a great first Christmas, though she had a little uh-oh on Christmas eve, which resulted in a Rudolph-style nose on Christmas. My poor Bug! Her nose is almost perfectly healed now, though.

Before Bug's accident, she eats a new book while Grandma explains to my nephew how a rescue helicopter works.
Speaking of the week of Christmas, we live in Michigan, as most of you know, and a huge ice storm was predicted the weekend before Christmas. We decided to stay at my parents' house Saturday night. It would be Bug's first night away from home since we left the hospital 9+ months ago. Well, let's just say, Bug is not ready for sleepovers.

We had loads of fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house... until we weren't having fun anymore.
So, in the middle of the ice storm that would leave thousands in our county without power for days on end, we drove 30 miles home. At 4 AM. To be honest, the roads weren't that bad. Thank you, God! And we were so grateful (and are still grateful) that we never lost power at our house.

Bug received several new toys for Christmas. She had very little, but honestly, she's just happy with a whisk or a measuring spoon. Regardless, I was excited for her to have some new toys. One of her favorite gifts was a little toy kitchen from her grandma and grandpa. She loves, loves, loves playing with her kitchen. She turns the light on and off and also can change the settings on it and often turns it to the Spanish setting. Which is really funny. I think she's trying to tell me to teach her Spanish!

Bug with her gifts from Jason and I on Christmas day: a pair of pants I sewed,
a bath tub ducky toy, a honey crisp apple, a ball, a book set with an e-reader,
and a candy cane of bunny poop (watch Hop if you don't know what I'm talking about).
She can't eat the bunny poop, but everyone else got a candy cane and we didn't want to leave her out.
Bug also went poop in her potty for the first time in December, and she is sitting up really, really well on her own. I think the toy kitchen helped force her to learn balance, and she also loves riding around in shopping carts. The ones at Meijer are the best for littles because they have a stretchy belt.

All in all, it was a great month to end 2013. A little crazy, but I've learned to expect the unexpected. I can plan all I want, but the only plan that truly comes into being is His plan. And let's face it, His plan is always better than mine!

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