Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Life & Style: Goals for 2014

I won't be posting monthly goals, but please join us over on our Facebook page to view weekly goals. I also share good deals I find there, and I hope to post more content on our page in 2014. If you're not a fan of our page already, you might want to consider hitting "like!"

Anyway, I do have goals for 2014, and I plan to break them down as the year continues into bite-sized chunks so I can actually meet them. Here they are:


  • Read one chapter of my Amplified Bible each day
  • Read my devotional each day (for 2014, I chose Jesus Calling)
  • Minister to church families and others I see in need (such as taking a meal to them, giving of my time, etc.)
  • Read 52 books
  • Complete the Reading Contentment Challenge
  • Expand our garden (and by extension, my gardening skills)
  • Complete daily, weekly, monthly and yearly chore lists
  • Set and complete weekly household and crafting goals 
  • Grow our tutoring and other side businesses (we've set specific goals for these)
  • Maintain this blog and publish at least 15 posts per month 
  • Improve the aesthetic and functionality of this blog
  • Pay off car loan 
  • Potty train Bug
  • Wean Bug to foods completely 
  • Read 300 books aloud with Bug 
  • Continue signing to Bug 
  • Have monthly date nights (Bug is always in tow for them, but we don't mind! When we crave some real alone time, we just have a date night at home after she's asleep for the night)
  • Play at least one game together each month 
  • Pray for my husband daily 
  • Read the Giver together
I don't choose a word for the year, but throughout the last part of 2013, I have had three words put on my heart as a conviction for how to live my life. 

First, pray. In all things and without ceasing, pray. Give all my cares to Him. 

Second, patience. Exercise patience. God will answer in His own way in His own time. 

Third, peace. Be at peace with whatever His plan is and comes to be. 

In all things I do and plan in 2014, I'm going to pray, have patience and be at peace. 

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