Monday, December 30, 2013

This Book Room: Best Books of 2013

I've always wanted to do a compilation of the best books I've read in the year. I didn't manage to get this done in 2012, but I'm doing it this year and could not be more excited!

For this list, I only chose books that I read in 2013 (um, duh!), only books that were published in 2013 and only books that I gave a 5-star rating to on Here's my list of must-read, run-to-your-library-and-get-right-now books:

Fly Away was a book I think we all waited a long time to read. And Kristin Hannah did not disappoint. This is one I definitely would read again and again. If you haven't yet read Firefly Lane, do so immediately. Literally. Leave right now. That's right. Grab your purse and your keys and GO. Thank me later. You can read my full review of this book here.

Fellow mamas, you've got to read Sparkly Green Earrings. It was just the kind of book I needed to read my first year as a mama. Funny, relatable, and at times, crazy, Melanie is definitely a mama. I so wish we could chat over tea about how we found ourselves in these situations! My full review can be found here.

If I could pick one author to release a book every week so I'd always have something to read, it'd be Marie Bostwick. I absolutely adore her. Between Heaven and Texas gave readers what we've all been waiting for: an inside look at Mary Dell's life. This character is so fun and loving that we had to know more, and Marie delivered. My heart broke for Mary Dell, which is a good thing essentially, right? Read more of my review on this book here.

Why are you still reading? Didn't I tell you to run to the library to get Firefly Lane? If you're still here, you definitely need to get up and GO. Magic Marks the Spot is a book that will stay with both Jason and I for a long time. We are both anxiously awaiting the second book. In fact, Jason was downright cranky the other day when he said the second book must be coming out soon, and I said it probably wouldn't until fall of 2014. He was not a happy camper! So now, you may run to the library and get Firefly Lane and this book too. Read about the adventure that awaits you in this magical book here.

Living in today's world can be confusing. What this world says and what God says often conflict. Courtney Joseph provides an in-depth Christian lifestyle book for women, Women Living Well, that really changed the way I lived my life. I plan to read this book often as life goes on, so I can stay on track. My full review can be found here.

That's it! My best books of 2013. I'm ready for new books and a new year!

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