Tuesday, December 3, 2013

State of Our House Address: November in review

This month felt ultra busy with special projects and chores around the house. We decorated our home for Christmas and visited several people. We had a couple of play dates for our Bug and took meals to a couple of different families. It is so nice to bless another family! It really does more good for us than it ever could do for them.

Bug has been having a blast learning new things. She adores buttons and zippers, and she Army crawls to her potty on a regular basis. She loves to sit on her potty. It's really funny. Bug also enjoys joining us for dinner each day. She doesn't really eat anything yet (she has no teeth... even at 8 months of age!), but she likes to sit in her high chair and bang her spoon on the tray.

We get a produce pail delivered to our home once per week. This has helped us save money and also try new foods we wouldn't normally try. Once the pail is empty, we set it by the door for the next delivery. Bug Army crawls all over the house and one night she discovered the pail. That girl had the best time rolling the pail around and sticking her head inside. It was really fun to watch.

Right before Thanksgiving, one of our car's tires became flat. One of us ran over a nail. Sad, but that's just part of driving. We had it towed to a local repair facility, and the guy fixed the tire and didn't charge us a thing. Right there, that's incredible, but what's even more incredible were the circumstances. Jason was there with the car and we talked several times via phone that day. He told me how busy the place was and that they were literally turning customers away!

And still. Still, the guy told Jason, "No charge." It literally takes my breath away. It's not the money. If it were about money for us, we'd probably have already forgotten about it. It's the kindness. I desire to live my life like that. I want to do for people in a way that lights up their face. I want to be the face of God for them. I want to be as much like Christ as I can possibly can be (all the while knowing I will always be a sinner and will never be perfect because I am human, but the joy is in serving no matter what!).

I'm not sure it has to be said, then, that we had a terrific Thanksgiving. Jason picked up a lot of overtime in November and worked 48 hours Thanksgiving week. So he spent the better part of Thanksgiving sleeping, and he missed out on our annual tradition of watching Miracle on 34th Street. But we had a terrific dinner and spent quality time together while he was awake. Doesn't it look like we had a great time?

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