Monday, November 4, 2013

State of Our House Address: October in review

October is always a special month because our wedding anniversary and my birthday fall in the month. We kept our celebrations low-key, but the two days were very special and filled with love.

Jason took some vacation time from work in October, and it was the perfect time to have extra time off. We spent a day at Nana and Bob's house (Jason's mom and stepdad), and we had a blast! Bug so enjoys loving on her Nana.

Bug has been sitting up really well on her own, so we started putting her in her high chair for meals and putting her on her potty each day after dinner. Lately, we've been putting her on her potty naked, and in late October, she peed in her potty! I am so proud. We use potty time as story time which keeps the time fun for her.

While Bug doesn't yet crawl, she does creep all over the house. She pretty much tortures Preston. She just really wants to play with him and he's small, like her, and fuzzy, like her (at least, like her head).

I am really enjoying being able to manage our home so well. We finally finished up all our canning, and even though I'm already thinking of next year's garden, I'm glad to be done.

I've been busy baking, cleaning, cooking, preserving, sewing, crafting - you name it, I've been working on it. Not that I'm complaining! This time is so precious and I don't know how long we'll be in this exact situation. I'm going to enjoy every single second of it while I can and I just pray it will all work out that I can continue to enjoy this time for as long as God allows.

Our mama group at church started back up this month at church, and I am helping to lead the group with three other mamas. I am so excited for our year ahead for this group. It has been such a blessing to me. I also started attending a women's Bible study group on Wednesday mornings. I plan to continue through November and assess after that if I will continue. Jason has Wednesdays off from work, so I'm not sure if I will continue. But it is so nice to have options as to what to do instead of working and thinking about work even when I am not working!

Jason's been busy with work and Bug. They have papa-daughter dates every week. She attends story time on Fridays at the library with Jason, and they usually go on Tuesdays, too. He sings in the worship team at church and started tutoring a high school student in October. As I type this, he's sewing a Christmas gift. We all keep busy, but enjoy down time when we can as well. I may just talk him into playing a game with me later (and by talking him into, I mean I will casually suggest it and he will quite literally jump for joy and race off to the game closet I'm sure!).

November is the start of Christmas and holiday season, so I'm looking forward to decorating our house for the season and eating good food. We're working on compiling our bucket list for winter 2013. So far, I know we want to drive around and look at Christmas lights and watch a Christmas movie every week from Thanksgiving to Christmas. And of course, we're going to make sugar cookies. I can't wait for the season to officially begin! Although, in the interest of full disclosure, I am listening to Christmas music as I type. But I tend to listen to Christmas music all year long so...

May November bring you peace and joy!

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