Wednesday, October 2, 2013

State of Our House Address: September in review

Fall arrived in September, and that made my heart very happy. Crisp air, fresh apples, cozy sweaters. Ahhh.

The month was fun, but before I give a full review on our month, I would be remiss if I didn't just skip to the end because that was very eventful. Business has been slow at my job, and due to that, I was laid off. I am sad, in that I loved my job and truly believed I was doing good work there and truly helped companies. I had worked there for more than six years, and as I am 28 years old, that's quite a long time for my age. During my time there, I was married, had a baby, began a true and wonderful relationship with God and really found myself.

But I will definitely enjoy getting to spend time with my Bug and managing our home. I'm entering the next phase of my life and am looking forward to new opportunities. I'm trusting in God to provide for our family {and for the sake of honesty, unemployment!} and trusting He has a great plan for us.

My job situation changed near the end of the month. But a lot happened before that! We visited the apple orchard and picked apples. That was crazy good fun. I had my camera, I think, but we had two other children with us and it was so busy I didn't have time to take pictures. We plan to go back in October to pick more apples with just Bug so I hope to get pictures then. Bug loves apples. My goodness, she is obsessed with them. They feel good on her teeth and are tasty. It's cute to watch her figure out how to eat one.

My Bug turned 6 months old in September. Can you believe it? I really can't. An incredible friend who we met at church is a fantastic photographer and graciously took Bug's newborn and 6-month pics. Here's my absolute favorite. My Bug looks like a little model!

We've been reading to Bug every day. Usually, we read a children's book, but if we don't read one of those, we read to her from our Bible, our devotional or from a book we're currently reading. Just reading anything to her helps her learn the cadence of language and engages her. She has become pretty obsessed with books. She enjoys teething on them and figuring out how to open the book and look at pictures.

Our car starting acting funny near the end of the month and the service engine soon light came on. We had a reading done on it, and my dad concluded we just needed a tune-up {new spark plugs, etc.}. We worked on that together, my dad, me and Jason, and that didn't totally solve the issue. We're still working on figuring it out, which is difficult because of our crazy schedules, but hopefully, we can get the issue resolved soon. Thankfully, the car drives fine, just a little vibration, so I'm praying everything works out okay. While we visited my parents to work on our car, I spent some time with my niece and nephew. My niece, Izzy, is pretty taken with my Bug, which is funny to see. Later in the day, we busted out watercolor paints and a book for them to color. My niece was very focused on her painting and did a great job!

We finished our garden in September and canned more tomatoes. We also froze cherry tomatoes for use in soups and stews. We canned raspberry jam. Near the end of the month, we were given zucchinis and a ton of green tomatoes. By the month's end, I made and froze two loaves of carrot zucchini bread, and I'll be spending the first week or so of October using up the rest. I plan to preserve some of it for use for later, like with more loaves of bread and possibly green tomato jam. Our pantry and freezer are very well stocked, and I'm so thankful for that.

I'm excited to make memories with my family in October and enjoy staying home for a bit.

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