Wednesday, September 4, 2013

State of Our House Address: August in review

The big news for us in August was that we bought a new-to-us car when our car was unexpectedly totaled. Here's what we bought:

I'm really proud of the negotiating I did to get the price we got on this car. And I'm really happy that we've already paid off more than 30% of the loan.

While our new car was the biggest thing for August, we were pretty busy in August but spent a couple of full weekends at home which was very restoring for my soul.

We made it back to the blueberry patch one time in August. Speaking of blueberries and food, Bug started baby-led weaning in August. We were out to dinner and she plucked a stalk of celery from Jason's plate. I'm not sure she liked it so much, but the look on her face is so priceless.

Bug also accompanied us car shopping. I'm super thankful that my parents live where they do. We went in that area one day while car shopping. They weren't home, but I called to see if we could stop over to feed Bug and possibly put her down for a nap. I don't have a house key (although I may get one in the future for instances like these), but they have a great backyard. We just set her down on a blanket on the grass. She never fell asleep, but she ate and we ate and it was really good. Here's a sweet picture I captured of her. Jason says her eyes look like blueberries, and this photo really captures that:

We have been harvesting a ton of big and cherry tomatoes. So much so that we were able to can two big jars of tomatoes for use later this year. This is our first jar:

We had never canned tomatoes before, but it was shockingly easy.

One of our concerns with Bug was wondering how Preston and she would get along. Preston is absolutely our first child, so "getting rid of him" never crossed our minds. Well, actually it did, in that we had to defend this decision to everyone and their mother, but that's another story. Everyone can put their fears to rest: Preston and Bug adore each other. One day, while Jason was rocking Bug, Preston decided he wanted in on the action, too. We need to work with Bug some on her petting skills as this photo clearly shows she only grabs, not pets. Also, I should note that this photo was taken about 5.34981 seconds before Bug spit up all over Preston. He didn't care, just kept right on purring.

He loves to sniff her feet, and her eyes follow him everywhere. Bug is in love with her big brother and it is so sweet to watch.

September has lots of fun things in store, and it will be fall. I can smell the fresh autumn air as I type...


Jena said...

She looks so sweet. I'm glad Preston doesn't mind her. Hopefully she'll learn to be gentle fairly soon.

Jess and Jason said...

Thank you! She is a joy. And Preston hopes she learns soon the art of being gentle soon too ;)