Monday, September 16, 2013

A Day in the Life

Through pictures and journaling, I chronicled Sunday, September 15 for you. Here's what I was up to!

3:44 AM: Feed Bug.

5:45 AM: Feed Bug. I also change her into a sleeper and change her diaper. I was shocked when she went to bed at 7 PM the night before, and as such, she went to bed in a onesie. We snuggled up in bed, so she stayed warm, but it's pretty cold outside right now, and the windows are open. I love fall air.

8:25 AM: I wake up for the day. I've slept in late because I was so tired, but I'm feeling slightly panicky at the time. I immediately start making breakfast: sausage, donuts and cider. While the sausage is cooking, I start stocking our snack bin and recruit Jason to help me.

8:51 AM: Jason's taking care of Bug and breakfast is over. I snuggle under the blankets for a few moments of warmth.

9:03 AM: I'm getting my clothes together for church. I usually do this on Saturday evenings - clearly this did not happen then. And boy, oh boy, am I paying for it today. I realize I have no clean underwear. I don't go commando. Instead, I wear what I always wear when I have no clean underwear (and the fact that I have a back-up underwear substitute I use frequently is not lost on me. I likely need more underwear!!!). I wear this part of boy shorts that is part of a pajama set. It's pretty uncomfortable and I have a wedgie Lesson learned here: Get more comfortable back-up underwear! Oh yeah, and buy more underwear.

9:42 AM: I'm all showered and ready for church. I tackle the kitchen which is pretty messy.

10:02 AM: Here's the after shot of the kitchen...

10:07 AM: I update my chore list for the day and figure out what I can realistically get done today. I decide dusting and washing our bedding can wait until later in the week.

10:16 AM: I'm expressing milk for Bug and while doing so, I complete my daily Swagbucks activities and read my Bible and devotional.

11:01 AM: We're singing our hearts out at church.

12:16 PM: I'm co-leading the mommy group at church this year with three other wonderful mamas. One of the mamas video tape me saying a bit for a video we're making.

12:39 PM: We head to lunch at Boston's, a new restaurant in our area. The food was good, but the entire atmosphere and food is a bit pretentious for our tastes. We will not return.

1:27 PM: Home for the day. I feed Bug and change her diaper and clothes.

2:04 PM: Jason's asleep for the day. He works third shift and will be heading to work later tonight. I'm on Bug duty. I start the first load of laundry, declutter the house and make muffin batter. Bug plays happily on her mat while I'm busy.

2:52 PM: I switch the laundry to the dryer and start a second load. The muffins are baking in the oven.

3:02 PM: I put Bug down for an afternoon nappy. I unload and reload the dishwasher (isn't my life exciting?!?! Haha).

3:10 PM: Muffins are done! I declutter the house a bit more and pop a few tomatoes in my mouth.

3:17 PM: I finish the muffins. I dip them in butter and then roll them in sugar and cinnamon. After I'm done with that, I decide it's time for a break. I eat an apple and read some of my current book, After Her by Joyce Maynard.

3:43 PM: I change the trash bag in the trash can. Bug stirs so I feed her, and she goes back to sleep.

3:54 PM: I bring in the first load of laundry and switch the second load to the dryer. I take out the trash and run to the store to pick up groceries for the rest of the month. We'll go to the store as needed for fresh produce, but this is pretty much it for the rest of the month. We have so much food in this house!

5:03 PM: I arrive back home, bring in the second load of laundry and put away groceries. Bug and Jason are both asleep. I turn on the oven for dinner. Before church, Jason put together a casserole and popped it in the fridge. This will make dinner really easy for me!

5:09 PM: I start folding laundry.

5:34 PM: The laundry is mostly all done. A certain cat has decided I'm done, at least. I load up my computer and charge my iPod. I check on my chore list to see what else needs to be done today.

5:50 PM: Dinner is all done. Bug is up and playing on her mat. Jason wakes up to eat with me.

6:33 PM: Done with dinner. Time to finish the laundry now that a certain cat has decided to move on to something else (or is plotting new ways to torture me).

7:02 PM: Laundry is finally finished. I also fed Bug and played with her. I head back to the kitchen to clean it (again).

7:14 PM: The kitchen is done for now. Time for playing with Bug and reading her a story.

8:09 PM: Jason takes over on Bug duty. I whip up homemade cat treats for Preston. In the process, I spill cornmeal all over the floor. Jason graciously offers to clean it up for me because I'm just really upset.

8:33 PM: Preston's treats are in the oven! I can't wait to see how these turn out and if he likes them.

8:51 PM: I check in on Bug and Jason. I declutter a bit and start getting ready for bed.

9:02: The treats are done and in the fridge for cooling down and storing. I promise Preston he will get a treat tonight before I'm officially in bed.

9:24 PM: I'm reading magazines in bed with Bug next to me. I'm just waiting for her to be ready for sleeping officially.

10:02 PM: Bug is asleep. I feed Preston a treat from the fridge. He gobbles it down. I turn off all the lights in the house and head to bed.

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