Monday, August 5, 2013

State of Our House Address: July in review

This month was quite possibly the most fun month we've experienced in a long time. The month started off fantastic with Independence day. We popped Bug in her bathing suit and headed to my parents' house for a couple of days of fun and sun. She loves bath time, so we were unsurprised when she loved swimming. She mostly stayed in the kiddie pool with Jason, but we did let her go in the big pool with Jason for a lap or two. Also unsurprisingly, she liked the big pool more.

This water sure feels good!
Our mommy group at church had a family picnic. We've started wearing Bug, and Jason and Bug had so much fun going on the swings and down the slide. It was a great day of good food and fun fellowship. I love that our church has so many families - babies everywhere, little kids everywhere. It's so nice to be surrounded by like-minded families. We had a blast.

We went to Ann Arbor for a barbecue at my work. Bug enjoyed meeting my fellow co-workers {again} and being in the city. It was a lot for her to look at, and I look forward to taking her there now and again to experience all that the city has to offer. There's so much to do in Michigan - I feel very blessed to live in such a wonderful state.

One of the wonderful things about Michigan is the blueberries. Oh, the blueberries. I'm not sure I've mentioned it before, but my grandparents own a blueberry patch. Growing up, I would just walk down the road {we lived a quarter mile from them} and walk the rows and eat lots and lots and lots of blueberries. In fact, Jason calls me the Blueberry Monster. I could just eat pounds of blueberries and never stop. They are like candy to me. So July and early August are always fun times. We visit a local orchard that has all kinds of pick-your-own fruit and pick as many blueberries we can {and of course, eat as many as we can while we're there! Good thing they don't weigh us before and after!}. In July, we picked 10 pounds of blueberries and canned 11 jars of blueberry jam.

Taking a break from all the picking to have num nums!
Our little garden at home is thriving. To date, we've picked 6 big tomatoes and 12 cherry tomatoes. That's super impressive, to me, since I really don't know a thing about gardening. I'm really just learning as I go.

July felt very busy and really was very busy, but we had so much fun, I can't even complain. August will be very busy work-wise for both of us, but I'm hoping we can get in some more blueberry picking before the season is over.

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