Thursday, August 22, 2013

Saving the Moola: June in review

I'm conflicted with how I should feel about June in terms of our finances. We did not send one extra penny to my student loan beyond the minimum payment. Does that make me sad? Yes, in a way. I'd love to have sent more money, but we had so many things crop up this month.

Among our many expenses (most, if not all, of which were expected): a side of beef, canning two batches of strawberry jam, new bedding for our bed, many groceries, a car repair, etc.

The good thing is that we budgeted far more for the car repair than we needed: it was only a $6.56 repair - love that!

The bad news was that while we planned to buy new bedding in the near future, we certainly did not expect it to be in June. But the quilt I used was falling apart (as it rightly should have been - I had been using it for more than a decade (!)), and our fitted sheet was ripped and the hole grew bigger by the hour. We bought a new quilt for me to use, two fitted sheets and one flat sheet. We plan to buy another flat sheet in the future so we have two full sets, which will be really nice for those times when Bug drools all over or gets other bodily fluid on the bed.

I'm not displeased with where our money went in June. Sometimes, I wish there was more money. But I'm reminded daily by the roof over my head, the clean clothes on my body and the food in my  belly that God provides everything I need and then some. I may not have everything I desire, but I have everything I need and more.

We may not have made much (ahem, any) traction on our debt free goal this month, but there's always next month. The year is half over, but there's a half year left. Hallelujah.

Speaking of having everything I need and then some, I'm reminded of a time when we were seriously struggling to put food on our table every night and keep gas in the car. Those years are not that far away (or maybe I'll just never be able to get the memory of desperation far from my mind). If you're struggling today, please know I'm praying for you. Life can be tough. When you're feeling unsure of how to get food on the table for your family, please consider donating plasma. Jason did this for years, and it really helped us when we were in a bad place financially speaking. It's an easy way to make cash. You can read more about this here.

Friends, life can be such a roller coaster. More and more, I hear of friends and family struggling. If you would like me to pray for you by name, please send me a message via our blog's Facebook page or email me at thecarlsonmocnyfamily (dot) hotmail (dot) com. No need to tell me your situation, unless you would like to do so. I would be happy to pray for you and add you to my prayer list.

In the meantime, I pray this blog serves as encouragement for you and offers you a giggle or two. Jason and I don't always get everything right, but we try to love each other and Bug well. Love is always enough for us. Money comes and goes, but our family will be forever. Hugs and love to all of you.

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