Wednesday, July 3, 2013

State of Our House Address: June in review

The month of June really went by quickly. We definitely stayed home more, and that was both good and bad.

Our internet went out twice during June. For normal people, this might just be an inconvenience, but sadly, I'm not normal. I rely on the internet to be able to work from home. So when my internet is down, I can't work. Thankfully, I'm blessed to have a very understanding boss, but my life is still not easy. I had to work very late quite a few nights to get caught back up once my internet finally came on. AT & T, consider this my official notice that we're searching for a new internet provider. You suck.

Despite scrambling to work due to the internet situation, we had a lot of fun staying home {even though at times, I didn't want to be home because I was just so frustrated at the internet situation}. We canned two batches of strawberry jam, I sewed a bit, and we cooked and baked a ton. We've been eating out a lot less which is good for our budget and all around happiness. Perhaps if Chef Jason weren't such a great cook, I'd be happy eating out, but when we eat out more frequently, I miss home cooked meals. We've been cooking a lot of hamburgers and chili since we picked up 180 pounds of beefs from our friends at Becker Farms.

Speaking of food, June is such a great month for produce, as is basically any summer month here in Michigan. Our tomato plants really took off, and we have 8 tomatoes growing now. The cherry tomato plants we were given are coming back to life and we have 3 cherry tomatoes growing. We're having so much fun with container gardening that we're going to add to it next year. Our balcony is very small, so we're not really sure where we're going to put all of our containers, but we'll make it work!

Early in June, our church held a fundraiser for the building of a new facility. Jason served food, and I just hung out with Bug. It was a ton of fun. The fundraiser was a car show with food and vendors. A TV crew showed up at the end to film what was going on, and Jason apparently was on the news! Since we don't watch TV, we missed it, but it was fun to hear about. Jason sang in the worship team a few times this month, and we donated a bunch of items to the church for their rummage sale and to the food pantry there and we donated a few things to our local library where Jason works.

Bug has been growing, growing, growing. When people say all babies do are eat, sleep and poop, they really should add in growing. That's all she does. I promise. She can follow objects with her eyes, smile, coo, laugh, hold her head steady and bring her hands together. Her favorite activities right now are being read to, looking at herself in a mirror, being sang to and rolling around in her stroller. Speaking of reading, we enrolled in our library's summer reading program, and she's already finished! We read to her 10 times for 15 minutes each. She loves to look at books and for us to read to her. We often read our daily devotional and Bible to her, and I also often read to her from whatever book I'm reading.

For July, we're going to continue to focus on putting our efforts toward the matters of our hearts: staying home and being together. It's a special month this year for me because July is the month we knew we were pregnant last year. It's really fun to think back on our lives a year ago and compare those lives to these lives. Boy, what a difference a year makes!

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