Monday, July 22, 2013

Purposeful Parenting: Dressing your Bump... on a budget!

The first month I knew I was pregnant, I was very happy we had upped our clothing budget. But at the same time, I didn't want to buy many, if any, maternity clothes. I didn't want to spend money on clothes that feasibly, I would only wear for seven or so months and never wear again.

Before I bought anything, I analyzed my closet. My style naturally includes a lot of cardigans and open sweaters, and those can be worn with a bump rather easily. I got a lot of mileage out of sweaters like this one:

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The funny thing is I knew I would need t-shirts and jeans, but I don't think I ever anticipated just how large my bump would get. I didn't take pictures of it {I think my thought was why would I want to remember just how large my belly is}, but let me tell you - it was huge! I spent exactly $100 on maternity clothes, and I had more than enough and was very grateful for the basics.

Here's what I purchased:
  • 2 V-neck t-shirts in blue and pink
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 2 pairs of underwear
I bought all of my items from Motherhood Maternity. I found their prices to be reasonable, and they had a great selection of hard-to-find items {such as plus size jeans with a petite inseam}. Just a quick side note on maternity bottoms, such as jeans: heaven above, are they comfortable! Would you all judge me if I said I still wear them?

You may or may not need to purchase panties. Other moms have had a need to purchase bras, so that may be something you will find you need. I had bras that are stretchy {it's kind of hard to explain}.

While on the subject of bras, I'll just quickly share which nursing bras I purchased. If you're plus size or have an ample bosom, you may like these bras. I purchased two, and they are comfortable and easy to wear:

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You may or may not need more bottoms, such as jeans, depending on your lifestyle. Since I work out of the home only one day a week and try to spend as much time as possible at home, I could make one pair of jeans work. But I will tell you - there were a few times I wish I had one more pair. If you do opt to get a second bottom, I would suggest a dressier bottom than jeans, such as black pants or a skirt. Again, I made do without, but I definitely would've used them if I had had them.

I typically get my style pretty simple, and this came in handy most while pregnant. Most of my clothes I wear when I'm not pregnant, I was able to wear pregnant. With that said, I was very, very glad when Bug came out because some clothes I was not able to wear while pregnant and the clothes I could wear were getting a little boring.

I'd love to hear which clothing items were essential for you during pregnancy. What am I missing out on? Please share!

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