Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Day in the Life

Here's what I was up to yesterday, Monday, June 15:

3:34 AM: Feed Bug.

4:32 AM: Feed Bug.

6:08 AM: Feed Bug:

7:09 AM: Feed Preston. {I think my only existence on earth right now is to feed hungry mouths}

7:12 AM: Start my work day.

8:03 AM: Feed Bug.

8:10 AM: Back on work.

8:36 AM: Bug up for the day. We cuddle, I change her diaper and her sleeper, and I pop her in her crib for morning play time with her mobile and stuffed bear.

Good morning, mama!
9 AM: Leftover pizza is an acceptable breakfast food, right? That's what I thought :)

9:15 AM: Jason and I are discussing my upcoming vacation from work in October. I suggest we sleep a lot during the vacation. Jason agrees. I suggest we do something really fun on the Wednesday day of our vacation. Jason agrees and suggests we go to a mattress store and sleep. I mention our three-year wedding anniversary will fall on Thursday during our vacation. Jason suggests we celebrate a day early and go to a mattress store. To sleep. Can you tell we don't get enough sleep between caring for an infant 24/7 and working full-time jobs?

9:34 AM: While I work on getting Bug down for a morning nap, I watch the latest episode of Big Brother online. This is the only show I'm currently watching {Jason and I both enjoy watching it which makes it even more fun to watch because then we discuss it with each other}, but the people on it this season, some of the people anyway, are really ugly people. Prejudiced, horrible people. The ones who are not are glorious. I hope one of them wins in the end!

10 AM: Bug asleep for her morning nap, so I start working again.

11:42 AM: Bug wakes up from her morning nap, but I'm off Bug duty until 5 PM. Jason takes over with the Bug.

11:55 AM: I declutter the house, load and run the dishwasher and pick up the kitchen.

12:09 PM: Shower time!

12:35 PM: Back on work. While working, I get to taste test dinner, and I eat lunch: cottage cheese, strawberries and bananas. Much more sensible than pizza for breakfast!

My office for the afternoon - I am incredibly blessed to have a mostly work-from-home job.
I commute to a big city once a week; otherwise, I work from home. From my couch. Usually in PJs.
4:56 PM: Time for dinner!

Pasta with sausage and broccoli; it was edible {which is more than can be said about a new recipe we made last week},
but the dish was blah. We won't be making it again.
5:48: We giggle at Bug while she plays with and chews on her teether. I think she may be starting to teethe, but more than anything, she's definitely at the "I want to pick things up and pick them in my mouth" stage. It's so fun watching her explore.

6:02 PM: I unload, reload and run the dishwasher. I declutter the house, water our garden, and start to freeze breast milk but Bug decides she's hungry.

6:53 PM: I finish freezing breast milk, and I read a chapter of my Bible and my devotional out loud to Bug.

7:21 PM: I complete my daily Swagbucks tasks {daily poll, NOSO, 1 search win; you can read more about Swagbucks here}.

7:25 PM: Feed Bug.

7:43 PM: I work on knitting a scarf for Bug while she plays with her teether. I catch her watching me knit - maybe she's a budding knitter!

8:11 PM: Bug decides I should be done knitting. She sits on my lap while I check in on Facebook.

8:22 PM: I whip up this cornbread to go with this chili for dinner tomorrow night.

8:35 PM: Jason takes over Bug duty and works on her bedtime routine with her while I work on my own bedtime routine, such as getting a snack, getting pajamas on, etc. I suddenly decide that this night's bedtime routine must include cleaning out the refrigerator and unloading, reloading and running the dishwasher. Again. For the third time. In case anyone lost count.

9:23 PM: Bug is successfully asleep. Her bedtime routine includes getting her into a paper diaper {we use cloth during the day}, a fresh sleeper, and a bottle of breast milk. We read to her every day; though not always at night. Jason read to her earlier in the day, and she's pretty tired so no nighttime story tonight.

10:23 PM: I complete my eighth hour of work, so I'm done for the day. Woot woot! My plans for the rest of the night: finish this post, finish getting ready for bed, and fall asleep {after checking on my Words with Friends games of course!}.

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