Monday, June 3, 2013

State of Our House Address: May in review

We hardly had a second to breathe in May, but looking back, we accomplished so much! I'm so pleased.

On May 1, I returned to my career. The transition was surprisingly easy, but it has its difficult moments ,too. Jason and I both work full time, and taking care of our Bug all on our own presents challenges, but nothing we can't overcome.

Garage sale season started early in May here in Michigan. We couldn't wait to hit them up to fill out Bug's wardrobe for the next year! I definitely learned a lot while garage saling this year. If you're new to garage saling and looking for some quick tips, check out my posts here and here. I wrote these a couple of years ago and am thinking I may need to write a follow-up post or two at some point. Even with all of my learning and some mistakes I made, we managed to fill out Bug's wardrobe all the way up to 18 months. I found some great deals. Here's a pic of her hang-up items from 3 - 12 months {she also has a dresser stuffed to the gills with clothes}:

Bug is a very well dressed baby. We'll just leave it at that.

I'm so excited about the gardening we're doing this year! We're growing 4 tomato plants {1 more than last year}, and we were recently gifted with 2 cherry tomato plants and 2 flower plants. The cherry tomato plants look kind of sickly, but we're working on bringing them back to life. Hopefully, we will get some tomatoes from them! I've always wanted flowers but couldn't justify the cost. Since these were free, I get to enjoy flowers and not spend a dime! Our regular tomato plants just made their final transfer to our 5-gallon buckets and in the last week of May, we placed all the plants on our balcony. Here's a peek at their progress {we moved them to the balcony the night this picture was taken}:

Speaking of growing things, Bug is growing so much! I really can't believe it. Jason keeps telling her to stay little, and of course, she's still little, but she's not as little. The last time we weighed her, she was about 12 pounds (!). We started a Goodreads account for her so we can track our reading to her. Our goal is to read 200 books to her by the end of the year. That's a pretty lofty goal but if we read 1 book a day to her, we'll more than achieve the goal. We're continuing tummy time, and her neck muscles are growing so strong. She coos and smiles a lot. She's a whole little person now!

As for Jason and I, we've been staying really busy. Jason has continued to sing in the worship team at church. We made a meal for a family who just has their third little. So precious. We've been continuing weekly freezer cooking sessions at our home, and we've made a lot of homemade maple syrup lately. We purged more than 275 items from our home in May. I finally got around to printing some updated photos of our family and refreshed the photo frames in our home. In general, every second we've been home, we've been homemaking. It's been a little crazy but so rewarding.

We're making it a point to reduce our out-of-the-home time. Every other Sunday, we strictly spend at home, no matter what. We try to limit how much we leave the house on Saturdays and throughout the week in an effort to manage our home effectively and spend quality time with Bug. It's a struggle and not always easy, but it's always worth saying "no" to something else so we can say "yes" to us.


Rose said...

I just wanted to say that I'm really glad you're staying home a lot. It's so important to put your family first. Friends are important, but they can never replace your marriage or child. When we do things, it's usually all together or not at all. I'm looking forward to our families spending time together later this summer. :)

(I'm also in a massive purging mode. So far, three trash bags have gone to goodwill and four more to other needy individuals. Wish me luck as I continue the moving process!)

Jess and Jason said...

While re-reading my post, I should've included we stay home every other Sunday... except for church. Oh well. Not every post is perfect!

We *love* staying home as much as we can and totally agree it's so important. I can't wait to see you all this summer!!!!

I'm praying for you daily {you are on my prayer list :)} and I'm so excited for this transition for you. Transitions can be tough, but what you plant now, you'll harvest later and it will be so, SO good.