Friday, June 14, 2013

Saving the Moola: need extra cash? donate plasma!

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It's no secret that Jason and I have made bad financial decisions in the past. This led to a period of being absolutely broke. While we were broke and he was working at a fast food restaurant, he and I both vividly remember me being angry because he would get to eat something other than Ramen noodles or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on days he worked. It's a time of our lives that we have no wish to ever live again.

But in that time of feeling desperate, lonely and completely broke, something beautiful happened. We learned we would both do whatever it took to make ourselves survive and even thrive. To that end, Jason and I both did a lot of odd things - things we wouldn't gladly do again. One of those things was donating plasma.

Jason donated plasma for several years and earned about $5,000 while doing it. To us, then and even now, that's a nice chunk of change. Screw change - that's a serious wad of dough!!!

If you're wondering where you're going to get money for gas to drive to work or money for groceries to feed yourself and your family, please consider donating plasma. Is it fun? Not necessarily. But it is easy. You can donate plasma generally whenever you want so long as the plasma center is open, and you generally don't have to schedule an appointment in advance. You can just walk in whenever. Every center pays differently, but Jason earned between $50 and $60 per week for donating plasma {when donating twice in the same week}. Plasma centers generally pay in cash, although some will issue checks. Plasma centers are generally safe. Those who donate plasma are generally hard for cash {otherwise, they likely would not be doing it}, but Jason never had any issues with safety during the time he donated plasma.

Every center is different, but there can be a waiting time to donate the plasma and actually donating the plasma can take some time. But if you're broke and needing cash right now, this is a surefire way to walk out of somewhere and have earned money. $50 a week can make a huge difference. When we were broke, this was the difference between us eating only Ramen noodles and us eating real food (meat, produce, etc.). When we were broke, this was the difference between my parents giving us money for every.single.expense. we had and them only paying our rent. $50 a week is huge for most people, especially if you're living pretty frugally.

Jason no longer donates plasma, in large part because where we live now, the center isn't very close to our house. He also works two jobs where he makes more per hour than he could make donating plasma. And we both didn't really like him donating plasma. I always worried {only God knows why, but I'm a horrible worrier}, and it was really boring for Jason. Donating plasma was never a long-term plan for us, and it never should be for you.

But if you need money for your family today, donating plasma is a wonderful way to bring in some much needed money. Prayerfully consider whether donating plasma could be something you could do. Jason and I are so grateful we were able to bring in money this way during a time when we saw no other way to bring in extra income. It really made all the difference for us.

If you're in a position where donating plasma might be something you need to consider for whatever reason, please know you are in my prayers. I've been where you are. I've been broke. I've been in a place where I wondered if we'd be able to pay the electricity bill. I've been in a place where I've had the walk through the grocery store with a calculator - not because I enjoyed seeing if we could make the budget, but because if I didn't and I spent more than I thought, I'd have to tell the cashier I didn't want a certain item because I literally only had so much money. But you can pull yourself up, you can make your life better. You can turn your life around and become independent. And donating plasma might just be the thing to help you do that.

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