Friday, June 7, 2013

Saving the Moola: May in review

This month was just full of frugality and squeezing everything we can out of every penny. Jason has been working so many hours at the library and at the security company he works for - even to the point where he earned overtime pay! This was much appreciated by our family. His boss even gave him a gift card for a gas station because he filled in so many hours for others at the last minute. Woot woot!

I went back to work May 1. This was a bit sooner than I had originally planned, and while I know every pregnancy/birth experience is different for everyone, I really felt good. Almost too good! It was time to go back, and I am so, so glad I did. Now that I'm earning a paycheck again, we have paid off all the medical bills we've received to date {note to all of you out there: even with insurance, giving birth to a little is crazy expensive! just a word of caution to save, save, save if you're expecting or want to be}. Now that the medical bills are taken care of, we're back to paying down our last piece of debt: a student loan. We're making fantastic traction, and I'm so happy.

We're being super frugal and some of our frugal activities from May included:
  • garage saling for all the clothes Bug will need for the next 12 months
  • using cash for gas and grocery expenses
  • careful menu planning
If you follow our Facebook page, you know we've been following the 7 things in 31 days challenge Money Saving Mom is hosting. We also started a challenge for ourselves on Friday, May 17 - a fast food fast. We're doing this for our general health and to save money. To date, we have held ourselves to this challenge and haven't had any fast food. We do allow ourselves to eat at Subway and other restaurants that serve up healthy fare (no burgers or fries), since at this season of our lives, there are just some occasions where eating out is a good way to go. This has helped our blow money envelope tremendously!

We're on track to have paid off the student loan by the end of the year, and I really, really hope we can pay this off a little earlier so we can start ramping up our emergency fund. Now that we have a little, we see the extreme benefit of having a four-door car, although I will really miss having a two-door car. Next on our list after the debt is a new-to-us car which will be so appreciated - our car is 14 years old and is starting to show its age. I'm so geeked to get a new one!

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