Monday, June 24, 2013

Life & Style: Snack Organization Ideas

We used to store our snacks in a shabby cardboard box on the floor of our dining room. It was so unsightly and so annoying. It wasn't even really organized, so it was just a box full of food.

I took to Pinterest to find a better way, and here's our new snack system:

The three-tier bin cost about $10 at Target - $10 very well spent. I needed something that would not be an eyesore, but it couldn't be stored away, otherwise Jason just tends to forget about it {which would be fine, except when he's hungry and asking what to eat, then it's annoying because he *knows* where the snacks are but if he can't see them, he thinks he forgot}. This bin works perfectly.

The bottom drawer is filled with random snacks. Snacks that appear in this drawer include pretzels, crackers, filled crackers, chocolate candy {Skinny Cow - yummmmmmy!}, graham crackers, Cheerios, fig bars, etc.

The middle drawer is our nut drawer. Our favorites are almonds and pistachios. I also include homemade trail mix in here when I have all the ingredients.

The top drawer is our fruit and baggie drawer. Right now, we just have applesauce {all without high fructose corn syrup - you can find that kind of applesauce at Walmart and Target, but not Meijer. Trust me, you don't want corn syrup in your applesauce. It's icky. Just check the ingredient list and you'll be good to go!}. We also will buy little cans of fruit and stock them in there.

To keep costs down and because we're just crazy frugal, we wash all our baggies and reuse them. If you didn't do this, you would pay a lot just to bag up your snacks. I will be the first to admit that washing baggies is my absolute least favorite chore. Well, maybe taking out the trash is my least favorite. But you get the idea. Despite that, however, it's so much better to reuse them from an economical and environmental standpoint. If you really, really despise hand washing baggies, might I interest you in purchasing small plastic containers you can reuse? I opted for baggies instead because I wanted to spend very little money. Do whatever works best for you, but please keep the environment in mind.

If you want a snack system that's out of sight, I really loved this idea:

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In addition to the snacks we have in our bins, we also keep bananas, cookies and muffins on the counter. In the fridge, we keep hard-boiled eggs, celery, carrots and fresh fruit {such as strawberries}. We decided we didn't really need a snack system for the fridge, but if you desire one, I thought this one looked great:

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Having a snack system works so well - whenever one of us is preparing for work, we make three quick stops: the fridge, the counter and the bin. We keep leftovers in handy-dandy containers so we can just grab one container that has a serving of that particular leftover. Then, we grab snacks and when it's called for, breakfast as well {either a muffin from the counter or frozen burritos from the freezer}.

Each Sunday, I take about 15 to 30 minutes to refill the snack bin. I use the serving size suggested for each item {Cheerios, nuts, etc.} to determine how much goes in each bag. The system is really very automated, so it's just kind of thoughtless. Which... as new parents and very busy people, we need!

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