Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beauty Fix: Best Bargain Buys, Part 2

I'm all for saving money where I can, and beauty is one area in which I don't like to spend a lot of money. I keep my beauty routine incredibly simple and rarely wear color cosmetics. Here's Part 2 of the best bargain buys of beauty that I've tried and loved. Next month, I'll share the few beauty items that are worth splurging on. Please always keep in mind that I'm sharing what my own experience has been with these items - you may choose to buy the cheapest item if that item has worked for you, or maybe you need to purchase a higher quality item if you've had problems with less quality items.

Bar soap is the cheapest way to go when it comes to cleansing one's body, but I much prefer body wash. I find that it's more moisturizing and easier to use than bar soap. The scent in body wash is also usually stronger than bar soap scent. It's still subtle, but I typically just use body wash and skip perfume. My favorite body wash is extra moisturizing and has an amazingly clean, refreshing scent. I buy it in bulk at Sam's Club. My pick: Olay Ultra Moisture body wash

I am a stickler for good hygiene. I think that's
obvious by the simple fact that I write this Beauty Fix series. The first thing I notice about a person is their smile. The second - their nails. It kills me when a person doesn't have well groomed nails. A crystal nail file is an essential item when it comes to well groomed nails. It's reusable forever, so need to keep purchasing emery boards. It's gentle on the skin and files nails easily. You can read even more about why I love crystal nail files here. My pick: Sephora Collection crystal nail file

Body lotion is tricky for me. I use it nearly every day on my feet and occasionally on my legs. Most body lotions don't irritate my skin, but I'm not a fan of most body lotions and they way they feel on my skin. It took me many years but I finally found the perfect body lotion. It's super moisturizing and absorbs well into the skin. The scent is super subtle, which I like because I don't prefer a heavy scent in a lotion. It comes in a big bottle and is super affordably priced. My pick: Jergens Daily Moisture body lotion

I rarely wear color cosmetics, but I need
something to keep my lashes in place once I've curled them. I also have unruly eyebrows. Enter: clear mascara. This beauty item is so essential for everyone! Guys and gals alike can use this item. It keeps my lashes and brows in place so I can go about my day without giving them a second thought. You can read more about this essential beauty item here. My pick: Cover Girl clear mascara

Lip balm is a true bargain beauty buy. Ranging in price from $1 to $10 at drugstores and mass retailers, it's one item that's easy to use to brighten one's smile or attitude. You can find colored lip balms, scented lip balms - really, any balm for any attitude. At times, I prefer to wear color on my lips, but I find it easiest to go without color. But I love, love, love lip balm. It keeps my lips soft and makes me feel girly and fancy. One particular lip balm is extra moisturizing. I can find it for a buck when I get it on sale. My pick: Carmex moisturizing lip balm

There you have it - part 2 of my favorite bargain beauty buys! So tell me: what are your favorite bargain beauty buys?

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