Monday, June 17, 2013

A Day in the Life

This documentation is from Saturday, June 15. I would preface this day by saying this day was extra busy, but lately, I've found every day is extra busy. So here's a non-typical typical day!

1:06 AM: Feed Bug.

4:28 AM: Feed Bug.

7:06: I wake up to a howling cat demanding breakfast.
Mama, where's breakfast?
7:10 AM: I remember that I'm supposed to be documenting my day for ya'll, so I grab a notebook and pen and fill in my day so far.

7:14 AM: I pump milk for Bug while I wake up. While pumping, I check my email, Facebook and Words with Friends.

7:36 AM: I've been trying to get my computer to work for awhile now and it's just not working. This is very frustrating since I'm trying to get my computer to work so I can work.

7:41 AM: Praise the Lord! My computer is finally working, and I log on to work.

7:56 AM: My computer shuts off since it apparently wasn't plugged in. I can tell my computer and I are not going to have a good day today.

7:58 AM: While my computer is rebooting, Bug wakes up. I feed her.

8:13 AM: Bug seems content and ready for more sleep so I lay her down and start working again.

8:16 AM: Never mind. Bug is definitely awake and not ready for sleep. I stop working to feed her and change her diaper.

8:30 AM: Jason arrives home. He's working the third shift for his primary job, and after work, he drove to Caro to pick up a side of beef. He's pretty much the best husband ever.

180 pounds of beefy goodness
8:36 AM: I log back onto work.

8:59 AM: Bug has a meltdown, so I scoop her up for cuddles and log off work. While we cuddle, I complete my daily Swagbucks chores (poll, NOSO, 1 search win), we sing, and I eat breakfast.

9:20: Jason's still pretty amped up from his night at work and driving 3 hours to Caro and back, so he reads a story to Bug after changing her diaper and clothes. While he reads to her, I pump milk for her.

9:38 AM: I hop back onto work while Jason and Bug settle in for a nap.

10:49 AM: Bug is awake so I scoop her up for cuddles. I also feed her and while feeding her, I update her account with the book Jason read to her earlier.

11:15 AM: I pop Bug in her stroller so I can get some chores done. She loves, loves, loves being in her stroller and wheeled around our house. And she loves, loves, loves "helping" me while I do chores. I park her in the kitchen while I freeze breast milk, hand wash dishes and load and run the dishwasher. I wheel her around the apartment while I declutter, and I park her near the door while I start a load of laundry in the washer. She talks animatedly the whole time.

11:48 AM: Bug's acting hungry, so I feed her. While I feed her, I check in with Facebook and update my chore list for the day.

12:09 PM: I start to believe Bug is on a sleep strike. I head to the kitchen for a snack and grab my Bible and devotional to read.

12:25 PM: I switch the first load of clothes to the dryer, then start a second load in the washer.

12:33 PM: Bug's eyelids look really heavy (YES!) so I wheel her around the apartment a few times.

12:35 PM: Success! Bug is passed out in her stroller. I hop back on work.

1:24 PM: I bring in the first load of laundry and put the other load in the dryer. I start folding the clothes.

1:30 PM: I woke Jason up, then head back to the laundry.

1:49 PM: Time for a shower!

2:55 PM: I'm all clean. Bug has ate and been changed. Time to head out to our new favorite diner for what we call "linner," the farmer market and Target.

Arriving at the farmer market
5:27 PM: We arrive back home. I take care of what we brought into the house and change my clothes.

We bought all these luscious berries and wheat rolls at the farmer market. We're planning to eat the rolls with chili for lunch on Sunday, and we're going to can two batches of strawberry jam with the berries and just eat the rest. We scored a great deal on the berries since we arrived to the market just before closing time, and our favorite vendor was eager to get rid of these (they were the only remaining berries).
6:22 PM: Jason is taking another nap before his next shift tonight. Bug is fed and pretty happy, so I declutter the house and process that day's mail.

6:35 PM: Bug seems hungry again, so I feed her... again.

6:40 PM: I prepare snacks for Jason for work, unload, reload and run the dishwasher and eat a piece of cake. Yum!

6:52 PM: I fold the second load of laundry.

7:08 PM: I get all our clothes ready for church the next morning. This helps our morning go a lot smoother.

7:10 PM: I start to get the jars, lids and rings ready for our canning the next day, but Bug is unhappy so I set aside my task to change her into a onesie and a fresh diaper, and I feed her.

7:30 PM: I finish getting the canning things together and re-organize the other canning things in the pantry.

7:41 PM: While organizing the canning, I found hooded towels for Bug! Score! They were in a bag of canning things my mum had given me. I just tossed the bag into the pantry, not realizing other items were in this bag. I feel kind of silly since my mum gave me this bag about 9 months ago. Time for a break now that the organizing is finished. I grab Bug and my computer. While I snuggle Bug, I print the church's worship team song list for Sunday for Jason and the new menu for the week.

7:53 PM: Bug has managed to get her onesie completely wet from drooling and spit up, so I change her into a fresh onesie and put a bib on her in an effort to keep her clothes drier.

8:00 PM: While snuggling Bug, I research diaper rashes. The reason we went to Target was just to buy a package of disposable diapers. We use cloth diapers normally, but she's developed a really nasty rash. Her skin is raw in a couple of places. I discover this is considered a normal rash. After I've discovered this, I upload and edit photos on my computer for the blog.

8:15 PM: Unexpected score! Bug has fallen asleep in my arms. I lay her down and quickly write up a blog post, then log onto work to finish out my day. I'm blessed enough to have a job where I primarily work from home and I have the ability to flex my hours. I work a bit on Saturdays so I can flex my hours during the week since I'm largely in charge of taking care of Bug. Working on Saturdays really sets my week up for success.

8:45: I wake Jason up so he can get ready for work.

8:55 PM: I got in 3 hours of work total today - yay! I log off and start prepping for bed. This includes getting a snack (or two) together, bringing everything I need to the bedroom, etc. It takes awhile!

9:28 PM: I'm done getting ready for bed. I take Bug from Jason so he can leave for work. I feed her until she's kind of asleep.

9:50 PM: I lay Bug in bed next to me. She's having a party, but I let her carry on until she tires herself out. Meanwhile, I eat a snack and read a few pages of Revenge Wears Prada.

10:18 PM: I finish up this post, then get another snack (I blame it all on the nursing!!!!) and my book. Then, I pass out.

Upon reflection of this day, I'm realizing just how fragmented my days really are now. That's mostly thanks to Bug. And while I did accomplish a lot this day, I also didn't accomplish a lot. I had to move a lot of chores from Saturday to Sunday because I just didn't get to them. I think I've yet to adjust just how much I can get done in a day now that Bug is here. And I'm also realizing that Bug eats a lot. She doesn't eat necessarily for long periods of time, but boy, does she eat frequently. She's quite the snacker.

As am I. I'm off now so I can go rustle up another snack to eat and read my book. It just got really, really interesting!

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