Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Book Room: Ray of Light

After all the uproar over his grandparents' secrets and his younger sister's engagement, Roman can't wait to head to Pinecraft, the Amish Snowbird community in Florida. He plans to enjoy a week's vacation with Uncle Sam and Aunt Judith and his cousins. The warm weather is a welcome break from the bleak Ohio winters, and Roman is ready for a break from the drama. But the condominium next door is home to a young widow, Amanda, and her daughter, Regina. It soon becomes obvious that there's something special brewing between Roman and Amanda.

There's something attractive about Roman that Amanda can't deny. But in the two years since Wesley died, she's never looked at another man. She certainly doesn't intend to get married again. But as the week comes to a close, she knows she's given Roman part of her heart in spite of her attempt to remain distant. And Regina seems to have fallen in love, too.

Is there hope for a second chance at love for Amanda? Or will Roman return to Ohio, and forget about the two sweet girls who have captured his heart?

Additional notes: This is the second and latest book in the Days of Redemption series. You can read my review of the first book in this series here. The third and final book is expected out later this year.

My thoughts: This series is truly unique because this Amish family has a lot of problems. It's rare for an author to be brave enough to show that an Amish family isn't so different than a non-Amish family. We all have problems - no one is perfect.

That's definitely true with the Keim family. Roman's dad has alcohol problems, his grandmother and grandfather are having trouble accepting their pasts, his mom is suffering with a sickness of some sort, his sister has an eyesight problem and his other sister is going to live in Belize with her now-fiance, eventual-husband.

Roman then meets a girl, who also has issues. This is definitely a classic story of boy-meets-girl, a conflict ensues and so on. I enjoyed the story, overall. I liked the continuance of the plot lines from the first book and am really looking forward to the third book. The author definitely left me wanting more, and I'm especially anxious to see how Elsie's story ends.

If you're a fan of Amish fiction, you'll definitely enjoy this series. It's the most unique Amish fiction series I've ever read.

Thanks to Litfuse Publicity Group for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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