Friday, May 3, 2013

State of Our House Address: April in review

April was jam packed of activities, fun and settling into a routine with our family now that it's grown! So much happened in April. To start with, Jason was offered a job at a local business, which he accepted. He now works there and at the library. It's quite a juggle, especially since I'm back at work as of May 1, but I know we can make it work!

Early in April, Bug was baptized. It was such a joyous day. I haven't shared much of my faith journey here {maybe I should at some point!}, but I was baptized as an adult, just four short years ago. Unlike others who are baptized {except for those who are Baptists as they are baptized at a later age}, I actually remember every moment of my baptism. Bug won't be able to remember her baptism, but I will share every memory I have of hers - and it was a really, really special day. To see my little girl bathed in the Word and water. Oh my. It was a moment. I'll just say that. Here's a photo of Bug actually receiving the water. She did so good - no crying!

Our tomato plants are growing so well - I have one prized sprout. He was the first one to sprout, and he's so tall! The other three have all sprouted, too, and per usual, there's a weakling. We just moved them to the next size pot, so I'm excited to see how they grow in May. Last year, I didn't keep a gardening journal and about halfway through the season, I was so mad I didn't do that. This year, I'm keeping one. It'll help me to remember when to plant the seeds, when about to transfer them, when we got our first tomatoes, how many tomatoes we got, etc. I'm really excited about keeping the journal! I think it'll help me grow as a gardener.

Also in April, we had the privilege of watching a co-worker of mine marry. It was really cool - she married her now-husband during their regular church service. It was an odd experience for me. I had never been to a Catholic service before, and after, I mentioned to Jason how weird it was. He grew up in a Catholic church and has attended services by several churches. But he actually agreed with me! He said it was unlike anything he'd ever seen and that he'd have to take me to a "regular" Catholic church at some point {we're both Lutherans but we enjoy visiting other churches a couple of times a year}. It was really nice to see my co-worker marry, though. Whenever I attend a wedding, I always remember, more than anything, my emotions on the day of my wedding. I was so happy! I was so anxious, too, to walk down the aisle and officially become Jason's wife. It's an awesome experience.

On the topic of church, I just have to brag up my church family a little here. The outpouring of love and support we've received since Bug's birth has been amazing. Other moms from church brought us meals, anything we've needed {baby bath, jeans, you name it} they've jumped in and given us what they no longer use. The emotional support has been awesome, too. We're really blessed to have found our church and to be accepted wholeheartedly. One friend from church is so amazing - she's a mum to four wonderful kids and is a wife to a doctor. Her husband sings with Jason in the worship team at church. They're a terrific family. Anyway, she's an amazing photographer and took photos of Bug for free!!! The photos are so good - I had to share one!

Bug has really been growing a ton, and she's an incredibly alert, active baby. She was super active in my womb {to the point that the ultrasound tech and my doctor commented on it all.the.time.}, so I'm not really surprised at how active she is, but oh boy! She gets a little frustrated when we do tummy time - she's trying to go somewhere and she's not really moving so she gets frustrated at her lack of going somewhere! It's really cute, but I feel bad when she gets frustrated. I'm sure she'll be moving soon enough, though! As part of her progress, she's started giving us real smiles. I shot a series of pictures one day when she was going to town with her smiles. I took the pics on my iPod, though, so they're high quality or anything, but here's the best one:

I think it's really cute and appropriate that she has ladybug clothes and we call her Bug. It makes me smile.

I kept super busy in April with all kinds of crafting projects, but now that I'm back to work, I plan on keeping things really simple and just trying to now get into a real routine. Our routine in April was great, but the entire time, I kept thinking it was just temporary because let's face it, it was! It'll be many years again before I sleep in until 9. In fact, I get up most mornings at the ripe hour of 4:30 AM now. It's not always fun, but it's necessary to getting everything done in the day that needs getting done.

I'd love to hear what awesome things you did in April! Feel free to share in the comments.

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