Tuesday, April 2, 2013

State of Our House Address: March in review

The big news is that in March, I gave birth to a baby girl! For the sake of her privacy, we'll refer to her as Bug instead of her real name. I won't share the entire birth story as it is quite long, but here are the highlights...

As the pregnancy progressed and March came along, I felt pretty positive about the progress my body was making toward giving birth. But on March 5, my doctor wiped away my happiness when she told me I must make significant progress within the next week or I would be medically induced.

I'm all for letting babies stay in the womb as long as they deem necessary, so I was more than upset. We talked about various scenarios, and I knew that if the doctor had her way, I would've been induced on March 8. We were all making compromises and we were all stretching ourselves past our comfortable limits. It made me feel good to know that at least the doctor wasn't getting her full way since I wasn't either! Call that petty, I don't care.

The next week was devoted to doing everything we could to induce labor naturally. We spent quality time together {ahem}, took long walks, bounced on my birthing ball, swayed my hips on my birthing ball, used a breast pump, took evening primrose oil orally and in another way {also ahem}, went on bumpy car rides {to the point I was scared for my car's well being!} and so on and so forth.

A week passed. We went back to the doctor around 10 AM on March 12 and I was so sure I had made significant progress and I would have nothing to worry about. When the doctor said there was no change, tears came spilling out of my eyes. The doctor handed me my induction papers for the next night at 9 PM. Among my many stresses was the fact that I had not checked in with work yet that day, which was highly unusual for me, I now had to be medically induced and now that we knew when the end was in sight, we had a million last-minute things we wanted to do, despite the fact that we had packed our hospital bag as much as possible.

My mom called me, anxious, knowing we had a doctor appointment that morning. The time was about 11 AM. I was sitting on a dining room chair, tears still in my eyes, when all of a sudden, I had pain in my lower back. "Ouch, that really hurts," I told my mom. "What, what?" she asked. "I just had pain in my lower back," I said. "This is it," my mom said. "You're in labor."

I wasn't so sure. I logged onto work at 11:30 AM, let my boss know of my scheduled induction for the next day and let her know I would be done with work that day around 7:30 PM until mid-May. Then, while working, the realization that my baby just wasn't ready to leave me and that my baby would be ripped from me {even if the induction worked, I still felt as though I would be forcing my baby from me when s/he wasn't ready to be forced from me} against his/her will really hit me.

I sobbed and cried out to God. I got incredibly honest. The conversation went something like this, "God, I know You know the plans You have for me. You can move mountains. If it is Your will, this baby will come by Your hand. You can make this baby come. You can induce labor. I have doubted You, Lord, You know this. I put this pregnancy, this baby in Your hands. Your will be done, God. Your will."

I could hardly control myself, even though I was still working through all of this conversation. Around 1 PM, my back pains became incredibly strong and measurable. I praised the Lord, grabbed my iPod and started tracking what I know realized was back labor. I was so happy! I welcomed each pain. I welcomed each contraction and envisioned my baby slowly moving out of my uterus. Jason was at work, and we kept in contact. He was so happy and let me know he could come home at a moment's notice. I kept on working and tracking my labor. It was still manageable and I was determined to finish out my last day. I laughed with Jason during one of our conversations that I know what finally sent me into labor: all that crying and carrying on. I had read that one way to induce labor naturally was to watch a sad movie and cry, but hadn't tried that. I'm rather sure and will witness til my last breath that my sobbing was what finally brought on labor {well, that, and God}.

Around 1:30 PM, my mom called. I was really multi-tasking now - talking to her, working and in labor! We talked for a while, and she encouraged me and was so excited to know the baby was finally on his/her way! Around 5 PM, the pain became too much. I hurriedly emailed my boss to let her know I was now logging off until mid-May - I couldn't make it til 7:30 PM. Jason came home from work, and the real work began. Until 12:30 AM, we labored at home. We made it to the hospital at 1 AM.

In total, the labor was 27 hours long. Even though my labor started naturally, and I was able to avoid a medical induction, baby girl was eventually delivered via section. I had very much wanted to deliver her vaginally, but that was not the Lord's will. Before the section, we prayed. During the section, I quoted Scripture. Baby girl was 8 pounds and 21 inches long upon birth. When it was announced baby was a girl, I cried. Her cry was the most beautiful sound.

Our little bug
We are all home now and settling into a routine. Jason just returned to work and I will be home with baby girl until mid-May when I return to work. Preston is settling in quite nicely, although he did not take to being left home alone for so many days alone while we were all at the hospital. He has since got over it and is adjusting to life with a new baby sister.


september said...

Congratulations and your little Bug is beautiful!

I never went into labor with either of my children--and trust me, we tried! Thankfully--for my peace of mind at the time--my dr. was very willing to work with me, but my water broke eight days past my due date, they waited another twelve hours and then induced me. With my second we had a scheduled induction at 39 weeks. Both were from less than 1 cm. dilated and less than 10% effaced...I think my body just wants to keep those munchkins in there as long as possible! I do think it was a blessing in my case though; both times it took me *forever* to hit 3-4 cm, but once I'm there I deliver in less than an hour.

Enjoy your time off work with your little one!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story with us; it made me cry, as I know the frustration you must have felt, and the long labor must have been so tiring. I know that your room was full of angels, and that your prayers were heard and answered. You did so well for the first child. Love and hugs, GmaP :>)

Jess and Jason said...

Thank you both!

September, thank you for sharing your story with me. I think my body was ready to give up Bug, but I don't think Bug was fully ready to come out. That's so great you had a doctor willing to work with you. In the end, I feel good about my doctor. She had a strange, but beautiful and fun personality. I'll forever be grateful that the section was successful.

Gma Pat, I, too, believe God was with me in my hour of need. As terrified as I was in the OR, I knew whatever happened would be from God's hand - and that was so reassuring to me. He certainly blessed us all that day, by bringing us all out of the OR alive. He is so great.

Kimberly Mays said...

Congratulations! Your baby girl is adorable and I love that your birth story shares your faith. All in His time!

Romania Girls said...

Congratulations, on your beautiful little girl! She is a doll :)

Lorrie said...

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! They wanted to induce me on Thanksgiving night in 2006, which was 2 weeks past my due date. I woke up that morning with a few pains but figured it was from my late night taco bell run. When I went in that night I was at 5 cm and had been in labor all day and didn't know it. They had to use forceps to help my Bubba out, but at least I didn't have to be induced.