Monday, April 15, 2013

Saving the Moola: earn gift cards for shopping + dining

Jason and I are always looking for ways to earn gift cards that we can then redeem for groceries, gifts or household items. We are huge fans of Swagbucks and always earn $20 or more in gift cards between the two of us each month from Swagbucks.

Recently, we learned of Plink and have already earned enough points to redeem for a $5 gift card! Plink is super easy to use and rewards users for shopping or dining at certain establishments. Here's how Plink works:
  • Sign up for an account here.
  • Link a debit card to your Plink account. We linked up our "fun money" card - our PerkStreet card. We put a certain amount of money on this card each month to use for clothing, crafting and entertainment, which includes dining out. We also earn cash back for using our PerkStreet card so with this deal, we're earning in two ways!
  • Add deals to your "wallet" on Plink's website. We have four slots right now, and we added the Arby's, Burger King, Taco Bowl and Dunkin' Donuts deals. You can also opt for retail establishment deals, such as Old Navy and the Gap. We may add Old Navy in the future when shopping for special outfits for Bug.
  • When you visit one of the establishments you added to your wallet, be sure to use the card you linked to your Plink account when making a purchase. After you've made your purchase of the minimum account, points are deposited in your Plink account. Reach 500 points and you can redeem them for a gift card!
I love that Plink is super easy to use! When we signed up, we received 500 bonus points. We redeemed them right away for a gift card and have since accumulated 70 points. It will likely take us a while to earn another 500 total points as we don't make it a habit of eating out regularly. But any time we do dine out, you can bet we're going to see what Plink deals are available and make our decision accordingly. Any way we can earn extra money by just living our lives is fantastic and a great deal for sure!

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