Friday, March 8, 2013

This Book Room: Grave Consequences

For Cora Kensington, the journey of a lifetime takes unexpected twists. And her future—her very life—depends on the decisions she’ll make at each crossroad. As her European tour with her newfound family takes her through Austria, France, and Italy, an unseen enemy trails close behind. Meanwhile, a forbidden love continues to claim her heart, putting everyone’s plans in danger. And as Cora stays one step ahead of it all, what might need the most protection is her own heart, torn between the dramatic pursuit of a dashing Frenchman and a man who has been quietly staking claim to her affections all along. Love has dangers all its own. She must escape the bonds of the past and discover the faith to make the right choices, as each one has grave consequences.

Additional notes: This is the second book in the Grand Tour series. You can read my review of the first book here

My thoughts: This book was truly wonderful. I'm not even sure where to begin! First, there are the characters. They are multi-faceted and surprising. I felt like I just got to know a character and bam, something happens that makes me question who s/he truly is! There are many characters in this book, which for some books, can get confusing. Not so in this one. The author weaves them all together in the story line just right. Each one brings something unique and worthwhile to the plot moving forward.

And then the plot. The storylines. From Vivian and Andrew to Cora and Will. The adventure. From jumping off the balcony into the river to watching a bullfight. I really felt I was in the story and more than that, I enjoyed the adventures the characters were on.

This book definitely makes one wonder if we should trust so easily. I feel for Cora, but sometimes, I think she doesn't trust herself enough. She seems very willing to trust others and doesn't ask enough questions, demand enough answers, and so on. Maybe that's just a sign of the times then (this is historical fiction, after all).

Either way, this book is a gem. Fantastic cover art. Intriguing characters. Adventurous plot.

Thanks to Litfuse Publishing Group for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 

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