Monday, March 4, 2013

State of Our House Address: February in review

Maybe it was just me, but February seemed to go on forever! Was it like that for you? You'd think it'd go quickly since it's the shortest month, but it just dragged on and on.

Possibly this is because we kept February relatively crazy free in terms of our schedules. We finished up our six-week adult instruction class at church, but also started taking Faith Legacy classes! This is our fourth set of classes for this pregnancy. The classes were supposed to wrap up in February, but due to the inclement weather, they'll wrap up in early March instead. God willing, we will be able to attend the final class and Monster will not have arrived yet! I also attended a moms group at our church. I can tell it will be a good thing to surround myself with moms - I really have no clue what I am doing and will need all the support and encouragement I can get.

Speaking of Monster, February was pretty much all about prepping for his/her arrival. We completely finished Monster's room. We filed our taxes. We made 36 breakfast burritos and popped those into the freezer, we made four dozen cookie dough balls for the freezer, and we made three casseroles for the freezer. We packed our hospital bags as much as we could and we have a printed list with last-minute items that need to be packed. We found a pediatrician who is willing to be flexible with vaccinations (the doctor is willing to follow any written schedule we dictate!!).

We also purchased a lot of food from various stores. We were running low on lots of items and we ran out of lots of items and we wanted to stockpile a bit before Monster arrives. 
But now all the Monster prep is done and we're just doing the waiting game. Which I'm totally fine with as I'm not quite sure if I'm emotionally ready yet for labor and delivery, but I'm working on getting there! Jason is completely ready, though, and often asks me if I can deliver Monster He's just really ready to finally meet him/her and get to know the little one, as am I!

Preston is also ready to meet his little brother or sister! He's very much been enjoying napping on Monster's bed. While he won't be allowed to nap in there when Monster is in there, we have no problems with Preston visiting Monster's areas... as long as Monster is not there. Once Monster gets older, they can sleep together.
Jason and I spent a lot of great time together in February. We had the most wonderful date night at a local restaurant. We celebrated our last date night before Monster arrives. It was so nice. We both read a lot of books cuddled up in bed next to each other. It was really a relaxing month, which was good because I was tired for a lot of it. I guess it takes a lot out of me to grow a Monster in my belly! I crafted a lot in February, but this one is definitely my favorite:

Jason and I have been having so much fun leaving each other little messages. It is so much fun. I really believe every house should have one of these. It's pretty easy to make and extremely cost effective. The frame was about $4, the fancy paper was 59 cents and I spent a couple of dollars on dry erase markers. For less than $7, Jason and I are giggling more and loving on each other even better than before. Love that!

As long as February felt, it really wasn't so bad. I think it's just that we're a little on pins and needles waiting for labor to begin so we can start the hard work of really meeting our Monster. We've both made our predictions of when we think Monster will arrive (if Monster doesn't arrive very, very soon, Jason's dates will have passed and while mine have already started, I have some time left). We are excited to share pics and Monster's birth story with ya'll once s/he makes his/her appearance!

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