Monday, December 3, 2012

State of Our House Address: November in review

November is really a special month. Fall is definitively here, the holidays are coming, the nighttime is long. It makes one just want to snuggle up with one's husband and read all day. Not that I would know anything about that!

We continued our FPU and Bradley classes this month. As a result of our FPU classes, we are really challenging ourselves in our grocery budget. From the start of this year to now, we have cut our grocery budget by about 40%. One reason was to cut out some money due to excellent menu planning - we really did not need part of the extra money. This was cut out in April. At the start of November, we chose to cut another part but put that specific money in a blow envelope. This has worked incredibly well so far, and we're so pleased with it. The easiest way to effectively cut your grocery bill and not panic is to add up the things you're putting in your cart at the store. I just do this on a piece of paper and use head math - no need for a calculator {although to be honest, I am not the best at math, so Jason's head comes in handy at times when I just cannot figure it out!}. I will elaborate on this more in an upcoming Saving the Moola post. We're learning a lot in our Bradley classes, too, so it's been an educational season for us.

We're making it a point, even more than ever {if that's possible}, to put our time and effort into the things we truly care about and desire to spend time on. This usually results in a lot of relaxation time, but we make sure to have plenty of craziness in our lives, too! We traveled to Ann Arbor to see Pentatonix, an a capella group, this month. The concert venue was... well, not somewhere we would ever go again, but the group was amazing. For us, that was truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment. We don't go to concerts like that often {the last one was seven years ago}. Here's a picture of us out to dinner in Ann Arbor before the concert:

We both got very little sewing done in October, but we made such progress in November. Here is a picture of the nursing pads and burp cloths I finally, finally finished:

Jason made gifts for Christmas, so I won't share those here in the instance the gift recipients will see this blog post {hi Mom!}, but here's a stuffed monster he made for our little Monster growing in my belly. His name is Buggles:

We make it a point to stay home for Thanksgiving, and this year, I was more than thankful for that tradition. I didn't feel very well the week of Thanksgiving, and the only thing that got me through was knowing we were staying home on Thanksgiving, and I could relax and chill. Thanksgiving weekend was so lovely, I nearly cried when it was over because I didn't want to say goodbye to it! We worked on a couple of sewing projects together, cooked, ate, slept, read and decorated the house. That, of course, involved putting up our tree and decorating it. Here is a picture of our gorgeous tree:

As we head into December, we're focusing on the true reason for the season and planning our Advent activities around Him. This will mean that we're saying "no" to more things than ever... so we can say yes to time spent in prayer, time spent together as a family, and time spent in growing - whether in our classes, in worship team at church, whatever it may mean for us. We pray your December is filled with glory and joy.

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