Monday, November 5, 2012

State of Our House Address: October in review

Our lives became crazy busy, at least to us, in October, but I'm happy to report that our lives are starting to feel very second nature to us, even though we've added a lot of extra things!

At the company Jason works for, his boss didn't have any work for him in October and likely not for quite some time. We were both happy and sad about this, since Jason loves to work but he also loves time to complete projects around the house. He sewed and cooked a lot in October, and I'm looking forward, and he is too, to being able to do this for quite awhile! He stayed busy doing all of that and working at the library. He also joined the worship team at our church and now sings all over the house all day. He has a nice voice, so I didn't mind this too much!

We both volunteered for our church's fall fun fest after I spent a week at home in bed, extremely sick. I was sad that my planned vacation turned into a "I can't get out of the bed" week but it was a blessing to be sick and not have to worry about work. The church fall fun fest was fun, but it was very cold outside!

We started taking Financial Peace University classes and Bradley classes. FPU classes are typically given in a church and were created by Dave Ramsey. We're taking them at a local Catholic church, and so far, it's been encouraging. We're getting to know our group more and have high hopes for the rest of the class.

Our Bradley classes, far and away, are well worth the money and time. We are so, so glad we're taking these classes and highly recommend them to any parents who are looking to deliver naturally. We've already learned so much!

I didn't get any sewing done in October, but I'm hoping to finish off a lot of Monster (aka baby growing in my belly) projects in November. I can't believe it's almost time to cook a turkey, trim the tree and start wrapping presents! The year really has flown by. Speaking of Monster and the year flying by, we had an ultrasound done in October, and Monster is quite active! I can't feel him/her, but s/he likes to flip around in there. That was fun to watch. We're not finding out Monster's gender (if we were going to, we would've at that ultrasound), but we can't wait to meet him/her. It's crazy to think I'm more than halfway there!

In October, we celebrated a couple of milestones besides being halfway to meeting Monster: our two-year wedding anniversary, our nine-year dating/married anniversary and my birthday! It was a fun-filled month. We're both looking forward to November and December and taking in the joys of the holy season.

We pray your November is full of good health, joy and love!

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