Friday, November 2, 2012

Saving the Moola: October in review

We kind of had a picture in our minds of how October would go, in terms of our lives and finances, and both ended up totally different than we imagined!

Jason's market research job didn't have any work for him in October {and likely won't for quite some time}, so we were/are both very grateful he works for our local library. Our savings plan didn't change at all, so that was incredibly reassuring!

This pregnancy has thrown me and Jason for a loop often, though. We are so blessed to be given this gift from God, and we remind ourselves of that daily. It is very difficult for me to pile up money in our savings account when I actively feel the weight of my last student loan. I know we need the money in our savings account for cloth diapers, our expenses while I am off work, our medical bill for when we give birth, etc., but it's very tempting to give that money to my last student loan. I haven't and I won't, but it's just annoying. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm on God's timing and His ways, and He has never failed me {and never would even if I think He is. It just takes me a longer time to see the big picture sometimes!}.

The other loop this pregnancy keeps throwing me is how we spend our money. In the first trimester, there was a lot of spending. I wasn't eating much, but when I ate, you better believe we didn't have wanted in the house. So Jason would lovingly go to the store, and half the time when he got home, I wanted something else instead. Let's just say we're all grateful those days are behind us.

But I became very, very ill in October so we spent money on a thermometer {which is a good purchase, we really should've had a thermometer}, and when I was hungry, which wasn't often, I wanted horrible food {that again wasn't in the house}. We spent a little bit of money that we hadn't wanted to, but between some unexpected checks and some paychecks that were a little higher than expected, we still managed to save what we had planned. That's great, and I hope November is full of good health!

In October, we shared that it's really everyday decisions that can make or break your budget. In this post, I shared how we managed to lower our rent bill, which includes water, by $7. In fact, we received our rent bill a few days ago, and it was the lowest rent bill we've ever had! We shaved another $3 off our water - score!

In the post, I discussed how we're also cutting back on our energy in an effort to lower our energy bill. I just received our latest energy bill also a few days ago and it was more than $100 lower than the previous month's. We used 4.5 times less energy than the previous month! We are so proud of ourselves and so happy to give Consumers Energy the money we owe them this month. Check out the post to read about what we are doing to decrease our energy bill. What your energy bill is up to you and I promise you can change it!

As fun as October was, Jason and I are looking forward to November and putting up our tree, finishing crafting Christmas presents, and of course, socking away all the money we possibly can. We wish all of you good health!

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