Friday, November 23, 2012

Crafty Christmas: Felt Cross Bookmark (or any design you desire)

Christmas Countdown: Christmas is just 4 weeks away!

I'm notorious for not ever having a proper bookmark and for being so craft illiterate, the ones I make look horrendous. You would think this would deter me in my quest for handcrafted bookmarks, but it just spurs me on even more.

You can buy all kinds of bookmarks at brick-and-mortar stores - plastic, metal, paper - and the options grow exponentially when you search online. I found these bookmarks on Pinterest and immediately thought, Oh, I can make those myself! Here's where you all respond with a snicker.

Laughter aside, my bookmarks actually came out pretty well, considering I designed and crafted them myself, despite my crafticappedness.

Here's what you need to make any felt bookmark:
  • Felt
  • Needles
  • Pins
  • Paper
  • Pencil/pen
  • Thread
Directions for making this cross bookmark:
  1. Draw a cross template.
  2. Pin the cross template to a bit of felt. I chose white for the cross for both bookmarks.
  3. Cut out the cross.
  4. Fold a bit of red felt in half, then cut out one half of a heart (when you fold the felt in half and just cut out one side, you're really making one whole heart).
  5. Pin the cut-out cross to one piece of felt. You can choose whatever color of felt you desire; I chose purple for my bookmark and black for Jason's.
  6. Stitch the cross onto the piece of felt. You can use any stitch you desire.
  7. Pin the cut-out heart to the cross and felt; stitch heart onto the felt.
  8. Depending on how well you stitch and how pretty the backside looks, you could opt to be finished here. For the second bookmark I made, which was the black one for Jason, I did a surprisingly good job, and a back was not needed to cover my oopsies.
  9. If you opted not to be completed with Step 8, cut out a second piece of felt to stitch to the piece of felt with the heart and cross. This is what I did with the purple bookmark.
The designs you can make are endless - using dark blue felt, you could stitch on a bit of small yellow stars. Using yellow felt, you could stitch on a red and orange sun. You could stitch the letter of the gift recipient's name onto a piece of felt.

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