Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beauty Fix: my favorite scents!

I am one of those gals who always has too many bottles of perfume. Since I've realized just how many bottles I have, when I really, really like a perfume, I buy the absolute smallest bottle. Fall and winter are, in my humble opinion, the best times to wear fragrance. Spring and summer are laden with bugs, sweat, pools - I'd rather be fragrance free then.

But fall and winter are truly the times to embrace wearing a lovely scent, even if it's just your own! Here are my favorite scents and why I think you'll love them, too:

Nina by Nina Ricci is one of the most unique scents I've ever experienced. This perfume first caught my nose years and years ago from a magazine sample. I saved it and literally smelled it every day until I made it Sephora when I promptly purchased the largest bottle. When I want to feel decadent, I use this perfume. I hooked my mother on this one as well and she regularly uses up her entire bottle and promptly replaces it. The scent is so unique - I honestly can't even describe it. How horrible is that?! It is described on retail websites as being a fresh, fruity, floral fragrance. That's quite a mouthful. I think retailers aren't sure how to describe it either!

Every year, we make it a point to go somewhere and relax for at least two days as an official vacation. And by every year, I mean, every year since we were married. On our honeymoon, which was our first official vacation, we popped into a little store on Mackinaw Island and I fell in love with this next fragrance:

Lollia Relax is such a wonderful fragrance. It truly is relaxing. I love this scent on days where I'm wearing cozy sweaters, planning a romantic night with my husband or just snuggling up in bed with my kitten and watching a movie. It makes me feel cozy and warm. Lollia's website describes this scent as: A rich exotic blend of Lavender, Bee Blossom Honey with White Orchids and warm, woody undertones of Indian Amber delicately completed with a touch of Tahitian Vanilla. Does that not sound just delicious? I could almost eat it. But I won't. This fragrance is perfect for any adult. It's a bit too sophisticated for girls, but for any woman would love this.

On our second official vacation, we traveled to the Petoskey area. I could not love this area more. We actually also went there on our third vacation as well but I refrained from buying any perfume. That took serious willpower! While on our second vacation, we traveled a bit to this wonderful orchard called Friske's. The food there is phenomenal, there are wonderful outdoor activities and there are great little shops inside. That's where I found this scent:

Love + Toast's sugar grapefruit perfume is fun and flirty. It has notes of pink grapefruit, orange citrus, warm musk and lily. I use this currently as my everyday go-to perfume. It's perfect for everyday wear, and while Lollia's Relax is perfect for women, this fragrance would be well suited for younger girls. Anyone could wear this, but for younger girls, I think this perfume is perfect. It's not sexy, but it smells good and it's fun.

I would love to hear what fragrances or scents you adore and why! Share with me in the comments below or on our blog's Facebook page which can be found here.

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