Tuesday, October 2, 2012

State of Our House Address: September in review

This year just keeps flying by! This month was fantastic for us. We announced we were expecting a new member of the family in March. Jason stayed busy working his two jobs, but not so busy that he didn't have time for crafting, cooking, and riding his bike.

Speaking of crafting, Jason gave me a lesson on our sewing machine. He's been using it for more than a year now, but I had yet to venture into sewing. I'm so glad I know how to use it! Jason was so patient and answered all of my questions. I made these receiving blankets for our expected addition:

I'm aware these blankets are somewhat blue, but I promise - we have
no idea if it's a boy or girl, nor are we going to find out until the child comes!
But the prints, to me, are a little bit feminine, and that's why I chose these fabrics.
I'm now working on burp cloths and nursing pads. After that, I'm going to a sew a sweet little sensory toy. Sewing machines are so practical - I'm grateful we have one. We've made countless items using it, including flannel pajama pants, toys for children, handbags, curtains, etc.

With the new addition on his/her way, we've started the process of converting our second bedroom which was an office/crafting room into our child's room.

We made great progress but still have a long way to go. We sold many of our items on craigslist.com - items we had been wanting to sell/donate for awhile and just had not got around to it. Many of those items came from the closet. Then, items we had in the actual room were put into the closet. Our child won't have use of his/her closet, but s/he has a very nice dresser and an organizational system for toys, books and odds and ends. That should be sufficient for now {plus we're going to encourage our child not to be a hoarder... if there's not room for the item, s/he can either choose to donate an item s/he already has or s/he cannot keep the item}.

We really made it a point in September to have a lot of family time - we went to two football games, a festival in town, dinner out a few times, visited family, etc. We haven't been doing as much cooking or baking as we would like, but going into October, we're making this a huge focus. We hope to have some In the Kitchen with Jason posts ready for you soon!

I didn't coupon very much over the summer but am slowly working my way back into it. We picked up two bottles of Suave shampoo for 19 cents each at Walmart near the end of the month, and we made a killing at Meijer with no coupons but really great sales. We saved 45% off our bill at Meijer, and every item we purchased was on sale. We don't always shop there, but the store had wonderful stores on everything we were out of at home!

Happy October! We hope this new month is wonderful for everyone.

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Anonymous said...

It's so exciting that you're working on the baby's room!! I am absolutely thrilled for your family. :)