Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life & Style: unplugging brings focus back to our family

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My husband is a pretty wise man, and a month or so ago, he came up with an idea: he wasn't going to use his computer on Sundays. The instant he said it, I knew I had to follow suit - not only as a show of support and to spend time with him, but for myself, too.

We've been going tech-free {or nearly tech-free} every Sunday since then, and while it isn't always easy, the pay off is way worth it. We never touch our laptops, and while I did use my iPod one Sunday {I was extremely ill and bored and could not read too much as it hurt my head}, I never used my Facebook or Pinterest apps. We do use our cell phone, although our cell phone is just a basic phone, so when we use it, we're using it to catch up with family and friends by calling them.

Our TV is stored in a closet most of the time, and I actually thought we'd end up pulling it out more on Sundays to watch a movie - and I was so, so wrong. It never even occurred to us to do that. We were too busy!

The first Sunday, we hosted my parents for dinner and an afternoon of fellowship. I also sewed a bit. On other Sundays, we've played games, baked, cooked, sewed, played for hours with our cat, went for walks, read and napped.

And every Monday morning, I am both excited and resentful at the thought of waking up. I'm excited because I like to use Facebook to catch up with blogs, friends and family. I love Pinterest because it gives me so many good craft ideas, recipes and general inspiration. But I often resent my computer because I'm on it so much for work and have to use it for eight or so hours each weekday.

Every Sunday is a balm for my soul - and for Jason's. He loves Sundays. He's never said it, but it's obvious he wishes every day were Sunday, even though he also enjoys using his computer for fun. We need a break, though, from staring at screens all day. We need a break to get back to our reality and doing what we love - homemaking.

And oh, how we love it. There's nothing better than waking up to the smell of hash browns and sausage. There's nothing better than being able to call my mum and chat for an hour. There's nothing better than going to church and coming home to lazily go about our days. We love baking and cooking together, sewing, reading, napping, and just talking. We've spent many a Sunday hour or two just catching each other up on the little things in our lives that we never got around to sharing during the regular week.

You could probably do all of those things and use your computer in the same day, but I think you'll find that your attention is distracted. That you might tell your partner to, "Hold on. I'm busy for a second." That you're reading statuses on Facebook when you could be baking a treat for the week. That you're pinning on Pinterest when you could be picking up items around your house. That you're spending time on frivolous things when you could be loving on your family.

Because of Sundays, our bond is stronger. We both look forward to that time on Saturday night when we both turn off our laptops, unplug them from the wall, and stack them together in the corner. And when we wake up on Sunday morning, it almost feels like Christmas morning. Like we just know that day is going to be special.

And our Sundays are special - because we're spending time the way we long to spend it... with each other and without distraction.

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