Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beauty Fix: I'm saying YES to...

My hair is curly and long (to my standards). My face is both oily and dry, and I'm prone to sunburn easily. My emotional being craves a luxurious shower experience... for the five minutes I'm in there each day.

I typically buy the cheapest shampoo possible, but as I grow my hair out each year, I tend to need better shampoo. In the past, I've relied on free product coupons to obtain better shampoo. In the past, I had tried every kind of face cream possible, but I've never found one that worked perfectly. And while I've definitely found products that provide the kind of shower experience I like to have, the products I've found to meet my shower needs are expensive. So expensive that I can't always justify spending the money.

Enter the Yes to Carrots product line. I haven't tried a product from this line that I haven't completely fell in love with, but there are three products in particular that have literally changed my life.

Yes to Carrots shampoo keeps my hair smooth (as smooth as it can be anyway) and relatively tangle-free. It smells delish and one bottle lasts a long time. I don't need to use a lot in the shower to thoroughly wash my hair, so I feel like I get a bit more bang for my buck.

For years, I've been searching for a face cream that has SPF but doesn't smell weird, doesn't make my eyes hurt and doesn't make my face too oily. This face cream delivers on everything I need:

The SPF is only 15, so I wouldn't use this as your only sunscreen if you're going to be directly in the sun for a long period of time. But the SPF is enough that you can use it year-round, and I only use a pea-sizeish amount for my entire face. It hardly has a smell, and it doesn't make my face oily at all. In fact, with regular use, I noticed my face was less dry overall. It doesn't irritate any part of my skin or my eyes. I could not be more happy.

That brings us to my last favorite product of the Yes to Carrots line. Their body wash is so creamy and moisturizing. The earthy smell is amazing. And again, just like with all of the other products, you really don't need to use a lot to thoroughly cleanse yourself.

If carrots aren't your thing, maybe tomatoes, cucumbers or blueberries are - there are Yes to lines featuring each produce item. You can learn more about all of the product lines at


Anonymous said...

Do they smell like carrots?

Jess and Jason said...

It has a very earthy smell - it doesn't smell necessarily like carrots, but I myself can sniff out a hint of carrot-y scent. More than anything, to me, it smells like earth. I hope that helps!