Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Saving the Moola: July in review

This month was really interesting. Our season of life is changing rapidly and in many ways, which seemed to result in a lack of saving on our part.

I took several days of vacation from my day job in July, which resulted in a bit of extra traveling. For our long vacation, all of our expenses were planned for and saved for, but I also took some time off around the fourth of July. We traveled to a few different cities to visit family and friends, and this took a huge toll on our budget.

Then, a tire on our car went flat, so we paid for a brand new tire. That was definitely an unexpected expense! But that's also what the emergency fund was for, and we're so thankful for that.

All in all, I'm proud that we were able to pay off some more of my student loan and chock some away in savings. This month wasn't our finest, but it wasn't the worst we've ever had {since we now have sense about our money!}.

The rest of the year is looking really crazy: Jason was offered a paid position at our local library. He accepted, of course, but he's going to be working that job and his other job at the same company I work for. He's going to be one busy, busy man, but I've never seen him happier. He's thrilled to be working at the library in a larger capacity {he has been volunteering there for quite a few months now but is limited in what he's legally allowed to do as a volunteer} and so happy and grateful to be able to work from home for his other job.

In July, we shared here the one crucial thing everyone should know if they have a car and want to drive it. I cannot tell you enough how much going to Sam's Club to get gas has made a difference in our gas budget. We had already increased it once this year, and we're hoping we can keep it the same for awhile by utilizing the station at Sam's Club.

Giving is truly the greatest joy of our lives - whether we're giving of our time or resources. We invite you all to read about giving here and join us in giving whatever you can each month to a cause near and dear to your heart. Giving may not always be easy, but it's always worth it.

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