Monday, August 13, 2012

Beauty Fix: filing nails shouldn't be painful! and it's not with this special tool...

Jason and I have to balance our frugal lifestyle with our desire to be incredibly well groomed. It's not always easy, but we usually find a way to make it work.

If we didn't care about where our money went, we could easily go the salon twice a month for manicures and pedicures. It drives us nuts when our nails are not well groomed! Several years ago, we came up with the idea of foot bath night. We each clip and file our own fingernails each week - we prefer all our nails to be kept super short. About once a month or so, we'll fill up a plastic tub with warm water and bubble bath and let the other soak his/her feet in it. Once that person's feet is good and supple, the other will groom that person's feet.

The result is free fun and well groomed feet! We both prefer to file every nail, finger and toe, after clipping. Clipping with a nail clipper often gives nails a ragged edge, or at the best, it's just not a smooth edge. Filing ensures the shape of the nail is how you desire, and the nail won't catch on anything since the edge will be smooth.

Jason, in particular, always filed his nails but hated the feel of the nail file. It was rough, painful and just all around, no fun.

Enter: a glass nail file!

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There are so many reasons why we love using a glass nail file. The cost is pretty minimal to own one. They range in price from about $5 to $20, and we paid about $8 for ours. We have owned this one for a few years - no more throwing away nail files! A glass nail file could last forever. So while there's a greater cost up front than buying disposable nail files (which typically run two for $1), you could save money, over time, by buying a glass nail file now.

The best part of a glass nail file (also referred to as a crystal nail file) is that it's super gentle on one's skin. There is no more pain when we file our nails! It's so gentle, you can use the file side on your skin, and it does not hurt (in case you accidentally "file" some skin while attempting to file a nail!).

For such a minimal cost, this is one beauty tool that is a must-have for anyone's beauty bag.

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